Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Who Tells You the Truth?

I'm hearing more and more people say that someone else told them that they are a walk-in. I hesitate when I hear this because I feel that our internal guidance should be our main source of information. For too long we have looked to other people to tell us our truth.

I believe that our guides will organically lead us to a source of information to teach or confirm what they are trying to convey to us. Info that someone else gives me is rarely a "new" knowing--it is usually something that I was already pondering or contemplating.

If we have to question the validity of what someone else told us (especially if it comes from out of the blue), it could be an indication that we are trying to convince ourselves that something is true when it just doesn't feel right. It can cause us to not trust our own intuition. 

When trying to decide if something is true for you, do a body scan. Where in your body do you feel energy when considering the information? Is it pleasant or uncomfortable? Truth should feel good or neutral. 

How much do you trust information that you get from others? How quick are you to accept something as truth when nothing in you or your experience supports it?

Yvonne Perry,
Author, Spiritual Transformation Coach, & Light Language Practitioner

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  1. A friend of mine suspected that I was a walk-in but she didn't tell me. She was sharing her story of being a walk-in, which I had heard once before. As she was talking I got the knowing that I too was a walk-in. When I said it out loud for the first time, then she told me that she knew that I was one too. My knowings when they come are always very strong and have never proven to be false for me. This friend was a great teacher in that she always waited for me to find out these things for myself.Thank you for this blog and the helpful information that you provide.

    1. That is a great kind of friend to have, Patricia. Your finding out about your walk-in sounds like mine. An energy worker was telling me about her story when I had a flash of "ah-ha! So, THAT'S what happened to me?" I had felt like I had died and come back alive in the same body. It was the only way I knew to express it prior to that revelation.

      Even after learning this, I still questioned it and didn't accept it right away. It just couldn't be! How can that happen? It was too strange and yet there was no better explanation. Finally, it became my truth and from there I started helping others understand about walk-ins. There wasn't much information about it back then. So, I wrote a book about it. LOL!