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Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience 

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Anonymous said...

I do not talk much of this, but I guess been traveling since toddlerhood. I told myself when I saw the spiral at that age, I guess it is to be one of those weird dreams. Now remember I was two, but mind like sometimes an adult. I could not write and barely speak, but boy could I tell who had a big heart. I drank a baby bottle not feeling well made of chocolate milk from my Dad. I did not like chocolate then, but looked at him and did the best I could. Only one example. I could not displease him, for he did it from the heart thinking it was a treat. So I got used to keeping quiet not wanting to be different here than any others. I may of been strange enough to tell more. I was called the Angel Baby, so premature in those days and other reasons they never said. No I am not perfect if anyone thinks I am patting myself on the back. It has been a long road. I fought all the way for now I need to teach. My gifts are genetics.

Anonymous said...

HahaHAha... I went to Order it.., and I ALREADY bought IT !! Oh Dear.. better go Read ... <3 :)