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Who Can Benefit from This Book on Ascension?

Yvonne Perry's bookThis book is for those who are having mysterious symptoms that the medical world can't explain such as ringing in the ears, panic attacks, body sensations, fatigue, increased emotional responses, insomnia, out-of-body episodes, headaches, involuntary twitching, vision changes, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, hot flashes, and other unusual manifestations. Those who are interested in spiritual awakening and rapid transformation will also find this book helpful.

Those who are fearful of our future due to having been indoctrinated into religions that teach a dreadful "end of time" may be having experiences that religious dogma can’t explain. With a fresh approach to the Biblical account of the ascension and immortality of Jesus Christ, I believe these dear ones will find a lot of the answers they are looking for.

The paperback version of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is available in the US on Amazon.com as well as on CreateSpace.

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  1. I do not talk much of this, but I guess been traveling since toddlerhood. I told myself when I saw the spiral at that age, I guess it is to be one of those weird dreams. Now remember I was two, but mind like sometimes an adult. I could not write and barely speak, but boy could I tell who had a big heart. I drank a baby bottle not feeling well made of chocolate milk from my Dad. I did not like chocolate then, but looked at him and did the best I could. Only one example. I could not displease him, for he did it from the heart thinking it was a treat. So I got used to keeping quiet not wanting to be different here than any others. I may of been strange enough to tell more. I was called the Angel Baby, so premature in those days and other reasons they never said. No I am not perfect if anyone thinks I am patting myself on the back. It has been a long road. I fought all the way for now I need to teach. My gifts are genetics.

  2. HahaHAha... I went to Order it.., and I ALREADY bought IT !! Oh Dear.. better go Read ... <3 :)