About the Author

Yvonne Perry

On her spiritual journey, Yvonne Perry learned many meditations, prayers, rituals, and clearing techniques that are helping shift the dense form of the human body into the incorruptible light body structure. This blog has many ascension tools to assist you in moving through your ascension process as easily and smoothly as possible. As an intuitive coach Yvonne is able to personally share the most effective techniques to assist you in your spiritual transformation.

A starseed walk-in and practitioner of light codes, Yvonne accesses the wise guidance of her higher self, the angelic and fae kingdom, ascended masters, galactic assistants, and other advanced beings of light. In her one-on-one healing and activation sessions, she incorporates light language, earth and animal medicine, and light language to help people shift into wholeness and integrate multidimensional aspects of their souls.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics from the American Institute for Holistic Theology she understands the “homecoming” or ascension process of the soul. Her participation as an empathic intercessor in fundamentalist religions (and subsequent healing after leaving organized religion) gives her an understanding of the mental and emotional stress that this kind of indoctrination can create for people. Yvonne is helping to activate people to live an authentic life of wholeness and oneness. Those who are ascending into purer consciousness will find comfort, information, and support to take the next step on this beautiful journey of light.

Her teaching fits in well at Earth-based circles, women's gatherings, and starseed discussions. Those who are having unusual paranormal experiences and seeking personal truth about these occurrences will resonate with Yvonne's approach to oneness. She knows that ascending into purer consciousness is done by integrating the higher self with the body and personality. She does this in the light language activations and galactic readings she offers clients.

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About Ascension

Whenever we have a spiritually-transforming experience, we are left to wonder how to incorporate the new energies. If you have been led to this blog, you have probably had or are experiencing some type of dramatic shift that has totally changed, or is changing your life. You may feel like a different person—and perhaps you are! Your multidimensional soul is ever expanding and you are integrating into your physical body the accelerated frequencies that came with that significant event.

So, whether you had a walk-in/walk-out experience, a near-death or out-of-body episode, a download from a higher dimension, or a merging with your oversoul, Shifting into Purer Consciousness can help you make sense of what happened and give you tools to assist with integrating the new frequencies of your multidimensional self.

Many of us are aware that’s something incredibly profound is occurring on our planet. We are experiencing amazing expansion and growth that is affecting us at very deep cellular levels. We are transforming into higher realms during this evolutionary cycle known as the great shift, the end times, or the ascension.

You may be asking what is ascension? Ascension is an increase in frequency and a shift toward focusing on and accepting ourselves as spiritual beings having an Earth experience. Basically, we are opening to higher portals of consciousness; therefore, ascension is about moving from one reality or dimension to another.

In order to go through the shift we must adjust our way of thinking and being to become aligned with our soul’s purpose and our true divine essence. Thus, we need to shift old behaviors and thought patterns that are no longer serving our higher purpose. Cosmic frequencies are bearing down upon us,  spotlighting and intensifying the fears, limiting beliefs, behaviors, and imbalances within us so we can consciously acknowledge them. Beings from these higher realms are now present to help us take the appropriate steps to heal, clear, or integrate these old patterns and systems. As we work with this higher guidance, we clear our emotional bodies of the long-held trauma and fears that have hindered our abilities to experience more joy and fulfillment in our lives. Yvonne offers light language and coaching to help you move through ascension portals/gateways.

As our emotional body is cleared of old pain and trauma, the physical body simultaneously heals. As we clear and heal, we re-code our DNA in order to hold more light and sustaining new frequencies and states of higher consciousness. This process tends to carry with it some unpleasant symptoms as well as some indications that the process is occurring. Many people need to know how to manage these symptoms and these new changes that their bodies are going through. Whose Stuff is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those around You is a good resource for highly sensitive people (empaths).