Friday, March 30, 2012

My Book is Ready for Reviewers

The book is now in the editing stage. I have sent out copies for endorsements and I'm ready for people to contribute reviews that I may use in my marketing campaign. If you are willing to write a review and post it on, I can send you a complimentary PDF of the book now. Please contact me to let me know of your interest.

Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. See for more information.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In this Now Moment

Today I’d like to lead us through another meditation that I call “In this Now Moment.” This affirmation is best used at the end of the day. As you lay down and prepare for sleep, this audio will help you focus on peace and bring awareness of your multidimensional selves and connect your soul with your oversoul while you sleep.

In this Now Moment
  • As I end my day, I recount with gratitude all that has transpired. I have followed my inner guidance in everything that I have created. I am satisfied and yet I yearn to continue to be a blessing and to be blessed in even greater ways.
  • As I enter this time of body rest tonight I bring with me all the experiences of this day and offer them for review as my soul in this earth body connects with my soul group, spiritual council, and all my realities in multiple dimensions.
  • I recognize that I am here on this planet at this time with a divine mission to share love and teach others how to find peace within. I do this by setting an example of love, exuding gratitude, and having a peaceful existence.
  • I am at one with all my multidimensional selves. I am at one with my oversoul.
  • I am merging all my consciousness into one unified field of light so that my purpose of love, gratitude, and peace can more easily affect the aura of mother earth and influence the collective consciousness of humanity in a positive and beneficial manner.
  • In this now moment I am at peace. I am one with all that is. I am.
  • In this now moment my soul finds rest.
  • In this now moment I let go of my all preoccupation with understanding earth life and allow my higher self to speak to my mind and join with me in this oneness of the now moment.
  • In this now moment I am free from worry about what I have or have not done. Setting aside all concerns, releasing all residual thought about my day, I simply listen and focus within. There, I find clarity to understand my purpose for being on earth at this time.
  • In this now moment there exists no problems, no trouble; there is nothing to worry my mind for all is love in this moment and love is all there really ever is.
  • In this now moment I know that whatever tomorrow brings will be pleasant. I will have all I need yet to accomplish. Instead, I have energy and resources to fulfill my mission.
  • In this now moment I feel peaceful. I feel whole. I am peaceful. I am whole.
  • In this now moment from my heart center I radiate love, light, peace, joy, and harmony.
  • In this now moment everything is in perfect order.
  • In this now moment I rest assured that I am on a path to oneness and wholeness.
  • In this now moment I am one with the light. The light flows through me. The light is in me. The light is me.
  • In this now moment I am at perfect peace. I am calm.
  • In this now moment I am aware of my connection to the infinite source of all good.
  • In this now moment I recognize that I am an empowered being of light.
  • In this now moment I know that I am one with pure consciousness.
  • In this now moment I feel safe and protected. I feel assured, calm, and at ease.
  • In this now moment I accept all the good the universe has intended for me.
  • In this now moment I begin deep breathing
  • With each inhale, I bring peace to my thoughts. My thoughts produce emotional and physical responses; therefore, I am consistent in monitoring my thoughts and ensuring that they are loving, peaceful, calm, and empowering.
  • With this deep breath and in this now moment I send peace to every nerve in my body. I remember to do this whenever I feel fearful or anxious.
  • I know I can easily calm myself using deep breathing.
  • By inhaling and exhaling with purpose I feel peaceful. I bring in the oxygen that fuels all the processes of my body and calms my entire nervous system.
  • Through deep breathing I realign my thoughts with higher empowered thoughts and I recognize myself as one with everything.
  • With this deep breath, I see peace within myself and all around me. This peace grows with each deep breath.
  • In this now moment and with this deep breath, I am aware that I am greater than all my fears.
  • With this deep breath, I consciously choose to change my fearful thoughts into positive uplifting thoughts. I am always safe.
  • As I rest in this now moment, I attune to source energy. I receive guidance. I know that I have everything I need.
  • In this now moment I bring forth my higher consciousness into this body and anchor this loving, beautiful higher vibration in the earth plane.
  • The soul that has chosen this embodiment is connected to my oversoul and all my multidimensional selves and realities. I bring in that all-knowing energy that is love, light, and vibration from pure consciousness. The essence of the I AM presence.
  • In this unity that I have created in this now moment I effect positive healing and beneficial change in humanity and in the earth plane.
  • From this now moment, this place of centeredness, I radiate joy and calmness at all times.
  • From this place of joyful being, I move forward in the energy of pure consciousness blessing all by being one with ALL THAT IS.
  • I acknowledge and embrace the help that is available to me now.
  • I acknowledge and thank the spirit beings that have been called to assist with the next step on my path of ascension.
  • When I awake in the morning, this body is well rested.
  • I awake in the now moment. I carry forth and operate in the infinite presence from a place of heart-centered love.
  • I radiate joy and peace into the lives of everyone I encounter.
  • As I anchor the accelerated frequencies of my multidimensional counterparts in this earth plane I am joyful. I am wellbeing. I am healing. I am love. I am light. I am pure. I am awakened. I am conscious of the higher guidance I am receiving. I am clear knowing. I am clear seeing.
  • In this now moment I AM
  • Only love is real. I am love. I am this now moment.

I have created an MP3 of this meditation set to background music. Check out to access this support tool.

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Coaching is a life-changing experience that allows you to quickly make spiritual changes that improve every aspect of your life. If you are ready to develop the intuitive gift of empathy and use it to heal yourself and others, I invite you to consider working with me as a coach.


SHIFTING INTO PURER CONSCIOUSNESS: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information.

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's 2012! Now What?

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield 2012

Reaching the year 2012 is a power point for your mass consciousness. It was revealed in your antiquity and carried through your ages as a focal point for change. The dissemination of this information, in your most recent history, through your ubiquitous electronic communications, has created an energy gestalt around this point greatly augmenting its power in support of the predicted transformation.

Arriving at this year in your world’s progress, has released this accumulated energy with an explosive force that will speed the integration of the new reality patterns into your world consciousness more swiftly than the already hyper accelerated time flow you are experiencing.

This force is rattling the foundations of so many individuals, institutions, and specificity grouped masses. Beliefs, life values, cultural constructs and the entire mosaic of life on Earth are being shaken up. The first rush of this energy of change can be disorienting or uplifting, frightening or hardly noticed at all, depending on how, when, and where you are receiving it. The next phase of the transformation will involve the processing and integration of these changes, allowing them to find their own level and expression through each world aspect including each human individual.

As the energies shake themselves into a comfortable position, they will begin to express their characteristics through all elements of your world consciousness. What are their characteristics? You know them by heart: Peace, love, harmony, balance, equality and freedom from disease, poverty and violence. If you look at history, especially anecdotal human remembrances (like, ask your grandmother about her world in terms of opportunities, values, and beliefs), you will see that you have been moving toward this transformation with firm steps through the past century.

Prior to that, there were significant high points in which stellar seeds of light were downloaded into your known history: Ancient Egypt, the Golden Age of Greece, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the creation of the American democratic stencil, and many pinnacles in other civilizations that seeded your history with bright light. These light-times seeped into your world consciousness and incrementally moved you to this point of ascension and a whole new level of consciousness.

We are aware that you have some disagreements regarding the numerical designations for your ascension. From our point of view, these numbered density designations are illusions demanded by your linear model of reality. When viewed from a “higher” point of view, the numbers assist you in grasping a progression that is actually a multidimensional integrated element of time-free eternity. In your current reality, it is extremely difficult, actually impossible, to communicate with you without using time or numerical progression-oriented vocabulary.

We will give you our view on your numerical designations. What you call 4D is what we see as the astral or etheric plane that surrounds you, the level to which you ascend after death. On this plane you are freed of many of the restraints of 3D life. However, until you move on to other after life growth levels, you are still an extension of and related to the Earth world culture you have known.

This 4D level is now becoming more accessible to the conscious perceptions of your average Earth resident. Initially, it is through psychics who have an open pipeline to after death levels. And the material is disseminated through your mass media. But, it has always been a part of Earth consciousness, from the earliest cultures, in the belief in an afterlife, which has been called by many different names.

We consider 4D a passing-through level leading to your 5D ascension target. There are other density levels involved and available in this growth spurt, but it would complicate things to bring them in now. We wish to support the intellect you currently depend on for your perceptions of reality.

Once again, from our point of view, the density numbers are arbitrary. You could choose any designations you wish. You might substitute names of fruit to symbolize different levels of growth. Out of banana density and into mango! We are being silly. But we use this to defuse the intense seriousness you attach to these labels and your insistence on absolutes. We do honor your current need for there to be designations that separate the levels of your growth, until you don’t need them any longer, and your mental accommodations are unified.

The energies of 2012 are activating and radiating ascension awareness. We will tell you a story about a drama unfolding in which the Powers of Creation (that includes the big YOU) are manifesting a complete 5D replica of your planetary world, including you as an individual. The dimensionally shifted replica is gently merging with your 3D/4D model and transmuting it. This is like a film technique in which two similar images overlay each other. One image, though similar, is significantly altered. They merge until the altered one becomes dominant, then, is all that is.

We are giving you this imagery to help you accommodate what is happening. You will hear many different descriptions of this transformational process – absorb them all and hopefully you’ll form a picture of your own that will give you support. The time of authorities and gurus is coming to an end. An individual who “knows” will share with an individual who needs to know, in order to spread the learning. You need to take responsibility for your own ascension.

Your 5D aspect operates from a different reality perspective, which, in turn, operates through different values and different relationships with other elements of the same ascended level. We are encouraging you to consider more unified perspectives as you allow your mind to range over the whole ascension landscape. Unified perspectives are inherent to 5D reality reading.

The next bridge to cross beginning this year and into the future involves integrating all the new levels of perception with your current “old world” levels of reality. You can expect that these integrations will emerge within the life activities of the individual. Perhaps you are a physician, an internist. You are highly dependent on a wide range of tests to validate your diagnoses. As your upgrade in consciousness begins to surface in your life, you might begin to see flashes of a patient’s aura, and then a more steady auric view. As your ability grows, you observe different colors that surround parts of the body and how this light gives you information regarding different organs. This skill would greatly enhance your work as a diagnostician.

Another person, in a totally different position in life, might begin to develop psychokinesis or clairvoyance or directing energy from their hands for everything from growing better produce to healing the sick. Generally speaking, these parameters of your expanded levels of consciousness will be well beyond the ones with which you currently operate.

Though the acquisition of new perceptions and abilities is intriguing, it will flow from the surfacing of an entirely new way of using your brain – a new way of thinking. This new thought will be the foundation on which your ascended world will be built. However, we cannot describe this thought process for you. It is something you will have to experience and define for yourselves, as it is happening.

Your world is undergoing a delicate transformation, rather than an explosive one. That is the current intent of the big YOU. Change entails as many losses as gains and the losses are often very painful. Unnecessary grief can hold you back. You need some kind of vision of what will replace your old 3D world and self. We have endeavored to reassure you that the new ascended self will blend in with the old self in ways that experience life as joyful and create a unified living experience that is positive, satisfying and enriched, based on the old life, but different!

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2012


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Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information. Personal coaching available at

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Opening the Heart to Receive Love

The heart is the seat of highest intelligence and the center of creativity. It is through the heart that we find our way to our authentic self and heal the aspect of ourselves that has known separation. Therefore, our hearts are meant to be open to Spirit as well as to others—not blindly open, but wisely knowing what is safe to let in and what should be avoided.

There are three hearts—the trinity of human spirituality—as I see them.
  1. 1. The physical heart supports the physical body. It’s the part that pumps and circulates blood throughout our body. The physical heart chakra is a reception site for the energy coming from the spiritual heart to us through the etheric heart.
  2. 2. The spiritual heart connects us to a dimension of pure, spiritual awareness or unconditional love, which is free of mental and emotional influences. I may also refer to the spiritual heart as the Universal Heart.
  3. 3. Connecting the physical heart to the spiritual heart is the etheric heart that supports the electromagnetic energy field of the brain-body. This is also referred to as our personal or soul heart. It is where true prayer (or communion with our creator) resides. This is Home!
When infused with divine love, the heart holds the greatest power there is. When we are connected to our Universal Heart, we are in a state of truth—we live authentically, and we realize there is nothing to guard against. We only monitor and correct any thoughts that distract us from this place. Our heart is open yet we are not worried about being hurt because we understand and listen to our heart and intuitively know what we can trust to let in; we know what doesn’t resonate with our sacred space and we take action to guard our heart with diligence. When we have absolute connection to Spirit we have clear guidance to understand what course to take in any moment.

When the heart is closed to infinite love, it feels lonely or rejected. When we have these feelings, our heart is telling us that it does not feel connected; it feels separate from its source of nourishment. The heart communicates with us through our feelings and emotions. When the heart has been completely walled off, it doesn’t feel the urge to know reunion. This walling can create all sorts of problems in relationships and the physical body—especially with the human heart. When we feel this connection, your heart is sending you a message and is asking to be filled with sacred love.

We must love our selves before we can love anyone else. Otherwise, we are running on empty and will feel drained—especially those empaths who are in an occupation that demands service. This self-love comes from the Universal Heart. When we depend upon a relationship to feel loved or respected we allow another person to be a receptor of the love we feel in ourselves. If we have not first loved ourselves or it that person is suddenly gone from our lives, we will feel lonely, abandoned, betrayed, and rejected. This is when we need to give ourselves unconditional love, emotional support, self-respect, adoration. We do this by reconnecting with the Universal Heart and receiving sacred love. Then, we are able to do/be for ourselves what the missing partner has been for us.

Connection with the Universal Heart is the one relationship we can count on to always be there. This aspect of divine ourselves dwells within us forever. If we feel we are losing someone or something dear to us this is not the time to create more separation from Sacred Love, but many times that is exactly what we do. When that significant person is gone, we must pick up the role they were playing and become our own lover. Even though it feels like love is leaving us, it is not. Instead, it is the other person’s presence, which we have equated to love, that has left us. Having another person in our life aids us in opening up to open to sacred love, but the human expression of love ultimately comes from the dimension of sacred love through the Universal Heart. We can open to that dimension by expressing love to another person or to ourselves. We can experience sacred love without a partner. Our personal heart has never disconnected from infinite love; so, if you are feeling loss, let it serve as a reminder to look within your personal heart and find sacred love.

The heart is the center of health and well-being. When the heart is healed, the body is healthy. As the heart experience changes, so do life’s experiences. Those wonderful and limitless possibilities birthed from the Universal Heart are what affect changes that truly serve our wholeness and support the shift we are making as a species.

When thoughts are run only through the mind, we will perceive many problems. When our thoughts are run through the heart, we will feel inspired, creative, loved, and peaceful. We have clear direction and make decisions from a place of clear knowing and clear seeing. In the Universal Heart we have all the resources we need to make our lives work. It is when we become separated from this Universal Heart that we begin to create by default and we bring things into our lives that we don’t want. Then we think through our logical minds that we don’t have what we need or that there is lack. When we are in that place of heart centered clear seeing and clear knowing, we think as God thinks and our heart is filled with a deep sense of trust.

SHIFTING INTO PURER CONSCIOUSNESS: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heart-Centered Meditation

Yesterday we read about opening the heart to receive. Today I am offering a heart-centered meditation to help you access that place of Sacred love—the Universal Heart.

Love is the power of the universe. As love fills the chamber of our personal heart, it brings a smile to our entire body. Our personal heart welcomes the presence of unconditional or universal love into our human experience. It is natural to spend time with the person we love or doing whatever we deem valuable. If you love watching movies, you may a huge library of DVDs; if we love walking in nature, you may schedule hiking trips; if we love cooking, we may often be in the kitchen trying new recipes. We will arrange our schedule to spend time engaging in that activity because is feeds a love of ours. Even if it is a negative activity such as worrying or feeling fearful, we create experiences that reinforce or fuel a particular emotion or activity. If we hold dear our heart connection to the sacred love, we will regularly engage in the experience of going within. We will be fed by its infinite resources. For where our heart is, there our treasure will also be.

Plugging in to sacred love creates a receptor site that links all parts of us that have experienced separation. As creators coming from this holy place of love and communion with the love of the Universal Heart, we see ourselves connected to all of creation. There we can ask ourselves what we would like to create and know that whatever we wish to create is possible.

What is it that you really want to experience when you feel a longing in your personal heart? It is not the material things or even people that bring us joy and love, fulfillment and satisfaction. It is the love found in the Universal Heart that we cry out for.

As we heal ourselves, we heal others and the planet. This is a great time to be on the planet in an earth suit to help facilitate this shift into purer consciousness. So, let go of fear and limiting beliefs and make room for your own authentic self to shine. There’s so much more beauty and joy to be experienced!

To help you connect to the Universal Heart, I want to lead you in a Heart Centered Meditation that Dr. Caron Goode and I co-created:

  • I affirm that I am centered, aligned and heart wise, and I intend through this focused meditation to open my heart, will, and clear knowing.
  • Breathing in and breathing out, I am aligning my heart, will, and clear knowing with the alpha and with the omega. I am aligned.
  • Placing my right hand on my heart and gently inhaling…exhaling… inhaling…exhaling… I focus on my heart center. I go inward to heart… I am in heart, and I rest in my awareness there.
  • Breathing in slowly… and illuminating my heart, filling up my heart with crystalline white light. With each breath I take, the white light is brighter and whiter, growing and filling my heart.
  • Centered in my heart and aligned, each time I inhale, I send rays of my white light swirling through my body, around my body, and through the soles of my feet to the earth for a solid, grounded connection.
  • My heart glows with warmth and wisdom. My heart light beams its brilliance outward, forward, preparing my path. The rays of heart light open doors of opportunity, clear my way, and enhance my clear knowing.
  • I am centered, aligned and heart wise. I am centered in my heart, aligned in my will and clear in my awareness.
  • I trust the heart’s wisdom, listen to the heart’s passions, and feel the calm, serene space within. I Am.

I have created an MP3 of this meditation set to background music. Check to access this support tool.


SHIFTING INTO PURER CONSCIOUSNESS: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information.