Saturday, March 3, 2012

Opening the Heart to Receive Love

The heart is the seat of highest intelligence and the center of creativity. It is through the heart that we find our way to our authentic self and heal the aspect of ourselves that has known separation. Therefore, our hearts are meant to be open to Spirit as well as to others—not blindly open, but wisely knowing what is safe to let in and what should be avoided.

There are three hearts—the trinity of human spirituality—as I see them.
  1. 1. The physical heart supports the physical body. It’s the part that pumps and circulates blood throughout our body. The physical heart chakra is a reception site for the energy coming from the spiritual heart to us through the etheric heart.
  2. 2. The spiritual heart connects us to a dimension of pure, spiritual awareness or unconditional love, which is free of mental and emotional influences. I may also refer to the spiritual heart as the Universal Heart.
  3. 3. Connecting the physical heart to the spiritual heart is the etheric heart that supports the electromagnetic energy field of the brain-body. This is also referred to as our personal or soul heart. It is where true prayer (or communion with our creator) resides. This is Home!
When infused with divine love, the heart holds the greatest power there is. When we are connected to our Universal Heart, we are in a state of truth—we live authentically, and we realize there is nothing to guard against. We only monitor and correct any thoughts that distract us from this place. Our heart is open yet we are not worried about being hurt because we understand and listen to our heart and intuitively know what we can trust to let in; we know what doesn’t resonate with our sacred space and we take action to guard our heart with diligence. When we have absolute connection to Spirit we have clear guidance to understand what course to take in any moment.

When the heart is closed to infinite love, it feels lonely or rejected. When we have these feelings, our heart is telling us that it does not feel connected; it feels separate from its source of nourishment. The heart communicates with us through our feelings and emotions. When the heart has been completely walled off, it doesn’t feel the urge to know reunion. This walling can create all sorts of problems in relationships and the physical body—especially with the human heart. When we feel this connection, your heart is sending you a message and is asking to be filled with sacred love.

We must love our selves before we can love anyone else. Otherwise, we are running on empty and will feel drained—especially those empaths who are in an occupation that demands service. This self-love comes from the Universal Heart. When we depend upon a relationship to feel loved or respected we allow another person to be a receptor of the love we feel in ourselves. If we have not first loved ourselves or it that person is suddenly gone from our lives, we will feel lonely, abandoned, betrayed, and rejected. This is when we need to give ourselves unconditional love, emotional support, self-respect, adoration. We do this by reconnecting with the Universal Heart and receiving sacred love. Then, we are able to do/be for ourselves what the missing partner has been for us.

Connection with the Universal Heart is the one relationship we can count on to always be there. This aspect of divine ourselves dwells within us forever. If we feel we are losing someone or something dear to us this is not the time to create more separation from Sacred Love, but many times that is exactly what we do. When that significant person is gone, we must pick up the role they were playing and become our own lover. Even though it feels like love is leaving us, it is not. Instead, it is the other person’s presence, which we have equated to love, that has left us. Having another person in our life aids us in opening up to open to sacred love, but the human expression of love ultimately comes from the dimension of sacred love through the Universal Heart. We can open to that dimension by expressing love to another person or to ourselves. We can experience sacred love without a partner. Our personal heart has never disconnected from infinite love; so, if you are feeling loss, let it serve as a reminder to look within your personal heart and find sacred love.

The heart is the center of health and well-being. When the heart is healed, the body is healthy. As the heart experience changes, so do life’s experiences. Those wonderful and limitless possibilities birthed from the Universal Heart are what affect changes that truly serve our wholeness and support the shift we are making as a species.

When thoughts are run only through the mind, we will perceive many problems. When our thoughts are run through the heart, we will feel inspired, creative, loved, and peaceful. We have clear direction and make decisions from a place of clear knowing and clear seeing. In the Universal Heart we have all the resources we need to make our lives work. It is when we become separated from this Universal Heart that we begin to create by default and we bring things into our lives that we don’t want. Then we think through our logical minds that we don’t have what we need or that there is lack. When we are in that place of heart centered clear seeing and clear knowing, we think as God thinks and our heart is filled with a deep sense of trust.

SHIFTING INTO PURER CONSCIOUSNESS: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information.
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