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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I found your interesting blog and I read all information, but I have one doubt and I would be very grateful if you could inform me.
One week ago I felt for second time, etheric sex with my twin flame. He is far, 2000 kms of distance but I have with him telepathy, visions and a lot of synchronicities.
I had the sensation that He was making me love, even I had one vision of him over my back, and I felt a deep pleasure like he was really there. I felt his breathe in my nape and I know that "was real" because the following morning I had a little of pain in my genitals.
Prior to visualize him, I saw an image of my twin flame making love with another woman.
My question is: Is it possible that He was practising sex with another woman but I felt the pleasure because was thinking about me? Our connexion is "paranormal", I am sure He is my twin flame in spite of I can not enjoy him.
Please, I would be eternally grateful if you can reply my question.

Thanks in advance and congratulations for your website.