Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In this Now Moment

Today I’d like to lead us through another meditation that I call “In this Now Moment.” This affirmation is best used at the end of the day. As you lay down and prepare for sleep, this audio will help you focus on peace and bring awareness of your multidimensional selves and connect your soul with your oversoul while you sleep.

In this Now Moment
  • As I end my day, I recount with gratitude all that has transpired. I have followed my inner guidance in everything that I have created. I am satisfied and yet I yearn to continue to be a blessing and to be blessed in even greater ways.
  • As I enter this time of body rest tonight I bring with me all the experiences of this day and offer them for review as my soul in this earth body connects with my soul group, spiritual council, and all my realities in multiple dimensions.
  • I recognize that I am here on this planet at this time with a divine mission to share love and teach others how to find peace within. I do this by setting an example of love, exuding gratitude, and having a peaceful existence.
  • I am at one with all my multidimensional selves. I am at one with my oversoul.
  • I am merging all my consciousness into one unified field of light so that my purpose of love, gratitude, and peace can more easily affect the aura of mother earth and influence the collective consciousness of humanity in a positive and beneficial manner.
  • In this now moment I am at peace. I am one with all that is. I am.
  • In this now moment my soul finds rest.
  • In this now moment I let go of my all preoccupation with understanding earth life and allow my higher self to speak to my mind and join with me in this oneness of the now moment.
  • In this now moment I am free from worry about what I have or have not done. Setting aside all concerns, releasing all residual thought about my day, I simply listen and focus within. There, I find clarity to understand my purpose for being on earth at this time.
  • In this now moment there exists no problems, no trouble; there is nothing to worry my mind for all is love in this moment and love is all there really ever is.
  • In this now moment I know that whatever tomorrow brings will be pleasant. I will have all I need yet to accomplish. Instead, I have energy and resources to fulfill my mission.
  • In this now moment I feel peaceful. I feel whole. I am peaceful. I am whole.
  • In this now moment from my heart center I radiate love, light, peace, joy, and harmony.
  • In this now moment everything is in perfect order.
  • In this now moment I rest assured that I am on a path to oneness and wholeness.
  • In this now moment I am one with the light. The light flows through me. The light is in me. The light is me.
  • In this now moment I am at perfect peace. I am calm.
  • In this now moment I am aware of my connection to the infinite source of all good.
  • In this now moment I recognize that I am an empowered being of light.
  • In this now moment I know that I am one with pure consciousness.
  • In this now moment I feel safe and protected. I feel assured, calm, and at ease.
  • In this now moment I accept all the good the universe has intended for me.
  • In this now moment I begin deep breathing
  • With each inhale, I bring peace to my thoughts. My thoughts produce emotional and physical responses; therefore, I am consistent in monitoring my thoughts and ensuring that they are loving, peaceful, calm, and empowering.
  • With this deep breath and in this now moment I send peace to every nerve in my body. I remember to do this whenever I feel fearful or anxious.
  • I know I can easily calm myself using deep breathing.
  • By inhaling and exhaling with purpose I feel peaceful. I bring in the oxygen that fuels all the processes of my body and calms my entire nervous system.
  • Through deep breathing I realign my thoughts with higher empowered thoughts and I recognize myself as one with everything.
  • With this deep breath, I see peace within myself and all around me. This peace grows with each deep breath.
  • In this now moment and with this deep breath, I am aware that I am greater than all my fears.
  • With this deep breath, I consciously choose to change my fearful thoughts into positive uplifting thoughts. I am always safe.
  • As I rest in this now moment, I attune to source energy. I receive guidance. I know that I have everything I need.
  • In this now moment I bring forth my higher consciousness into this body and anchor this loving, beautiful higher vibration in the earth plane.
  • The soul that has chosen this embodiment is connected to my oversoul and all my multidimensional selves and realities. I bring in that all-knowing energy that is love, light, and vibration from pure consciousness. The essence of the I AM presence.
  • In this unity that I have created in this now moment I effect positive healing and beneficial change in humanity and in the earth plane.
  • From this now moment, this place of centeredness, I radiate joy and calmness at all times.
  • From this place of joyful being, I move forward in the energy of pure consciousness blessing all by being one with ALL THAT IS.
  • I acknowledge and embrace the help that is available to me now.
  • I acknowledge and thank the spirit beings that have been called to assist with the next step on my path of ascension.
  • When I awake in the morning, this body is well rested.
  • I awake in the now moment. I carry forth and operate in the infinite presence from a place of heart-centered love.
  • I radiate joy and peace into the lives of everyone I encounter.
  • As I anchor the accelerated frequencies of my multidimensional counterparts in this earth plane I am joyful. I am wellbeing. I am healing. I am love. I am light. I am pure. I am awakened. I am conscious of the higher guidance I am receiving. I am clear knowing. I am clear seeing.
  • In this now moment I AM
  • Only love is real. I am love. I am this now moment.

I have created an MP3 of this meditation set to background music. Check out to access this support tool.

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