Sunday, December 4, 2011

Statement of Clear Intent

My upcoming book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness, is going to have a lot of practical exercises to help people integrate the accelerated energies that are urging humanity to evolve spiritually. One of those exercises is a Statement of Clear Intent, which I will share with you now as a sneak preview:

It’s time to shift your focus onto what you want to create—not just on the things you want to draw to yourself, but to also recognize yourself as a magnificent empowered being and live from that perspective. Remember, if you are focused on what is wrong, that's what you will get more of.

  • Begin by grounding your energy into the Earth and centering your focus upon your breath and heart
  • Call upon your higher self and spirit guides
  • Write your statement of clear intention in the form of affirmations regarding the situation at hand. 
  • Keep your affirmations open-ended. For example: To say “I want a job or roommate” limits what the Universe can bring you. It is more helpful to state “I enjoy financial freedom” or “I have all I need to live comfortably.” Here are some examples:

I am content with who I am and who I am becoming
I receive income from multiple sources; I have unlimited resources
Everything I need comes to me in perfect timing
I am honored and respected by all
I am loved unconditionally
I am proud of my skills and talents my abilities
I am successful in all my ventures
I am supported by the Universe who always says YES!
I attract friends who are loving and supporting
I attract people into my life who are confident, content, and intelligent
I express and show happiness easily and freely
I feel confident in my body's ability to heal itself
I have created the life I now have and I have the power to change it
I feel the support and guidance coming from dimensions of purer consciousness

Focus on this moment, knowing that all is well.With this in mind, begin to feel in your body what it would feel like if you had everything you need or want right now. That feeling activates the energy of unlimited potential. This is very powerful when combined with positive affirmations.

The more you focus on your prayer of intention, the faster a positive change will manifest for you. When you start to worry or feel depressed, grab your statement of clear intent and get your mind and feelings back on track.
SHIFTING INTO PURER CONSCIOUSNESS: How to Embrace and Integrate Multidimensional Frequencies is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, written by Yvonne Perry. See for more information about managing energy as an empath. Personal coaching available at

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