Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What to Do After a Soul Exchange

After the exchange has occurred, it is important to continue to maintain a safe place for the soul to safely experience the energy of higher dimensions. Often a greater realization is given to that person as he or she is in the presence of multi-/omni-dimensional beings in a higher field. In the earlier stages, a walk-in may have recognition of other-worldly or other natures such as elementals—whatever is the nature of the incoming soul at the time or phase of integration. All seems to become unified as integration continues.

It is common for the body’s need for rest to change after a walk-in. Some nights and days will be highly activated with so much light and energy that you may be unable to sleep. Other times, you may sleep for twelve to fourteen hours straight. The need for extra sleep may last for days, weeks, or several months so give your body the time it needs to fully adjust. Eat to "fuel the situation" and forget whatever the latest diet or eating trend might be. Listen to your own body. Getting together with other walk-ins/highly-evolving beings can be beneficial to help hold the field of energy steady. The new soul may go through the "am I going crazy?" or "what is happening to me?" stage and need to share what is occurring. That is the main reason I organize events that allow starseeds, lightworkers, walk-ins, and healers to connect. You will find these workshops listed on my website: WeAre1InSpirit.com.  Continue cleansing the vehicle (physical body) and lifting the vibration using products that support the higher electrical current. These include living or raw foods, organic fruits and vegetables, unrefined grains, non-GMO and non-chemically treated foods, non-flouridated water, etc. Breathing techniques, yoga, stretching, meditations, and adequate rest are all helpful to help the body shift and match frequencies along the way.  Much like shifting gears on a car, coming to a neutral point is very much a part of the integration process. The soul needs permission to do nothing more than follow the guidance as it comes in. We do not have to know everything that is transpiring; we do not have to be in control; there’s no need to focus on the work of the new soul until everything is integrated and functioning. Sometimes a soul wants to hit the ground running. In these cases, the task becomes one of stabilizing and not moving too quickly before making a good assessment of the appropriate way to proceed. Keep life simple and acquire only what is truly necessary in the moment.  Let nature support you in the integration process. A friend taught me the following technique. It was very warm that September day as we were sitting at a picnic table in a park. Cicadas were buzzing all around us and seemed to respond to whatever she was saying as she demonstrated being at one with nature. When I put my thumb and first finger together and spoke, “I intend harmony in this space now," the cicadas humming noise increased by at least 100 percent and the wind kicked up. As I went about exploring my surroundings, the cicadas would calm back down to a low buzz. I thought it was just a coincidence at first so I tried it again (and again and again) just to see if it could be reproduced. I was amazed at how nature responded to my intention every time.
This article was excerpted from Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness written by Yvonne Perry. See http://goo.gl/4jH4O for details.

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