Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Death Wish

Rebirthers such as Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray refer to a subconscious death wish that every human has. It is part of the collective human psyche. We notice this polarity when we wish to live fully. Both are valid self-expressions to be embraced, not judged.

The death wish includes beliefs such as these:

• I love God and want to be with Him. I need to die to be with God
• It is too hard here, and I want to go “home”
• There is value in suffering; all humans suffer

It is important to know that you did not do anything “wrong” by having a death urge. Becoming aware of it is a positive step of growth in your self-realization. The key is to simply accept that there was, up until this particular moment of choice, a part of you wishing to die. Affirm, accept, and love that part of yourself. Then, choose to live fully.

A soul makes commitments to other people, organizations, institutions, and philosophies and then goes about the rest of its Earth life trying to keep them. When a walk-in takes the body, all the commitments, vows, and promises made by the walk-out soul are still operating underneath the surface. It reminds me of the time I saw my twelve-year-old grandson give his toddler-age brother a video remote control that was not connected to the system. The younger one thought he was playing and controlling the action. If you have ever tried playing a game on Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or some other system while there’s a toddler begging to play too, you can appreciate this analogy.

Without clearing the commitments of the natal soul, the walk-in soul lives in “demo” mode. He thinks he is controlling the action he sees on the screen of his life, but he is actually going through the motions without realizing that another program is running the show. The walk-in may rebel against these programs that stem from the natal soul’s family, co-workers, bosses, spouses, children, pets, and friends. This “information” may register as an illness or discomfort in the physical body.

The ego mind always wants to know why. The answer is often multifaceted, even multidimensional and is outside the comprehension and knowledge of the linear, ego mind. You may or may not know consciously what is holding you back. However, it can be very helpful to discover and expose these “bad messages” in order to speak the command to be released from a commitment your soul did not make. Maxine Taylor’s book, Move into the Magic, offers excellent resources for doing just that. Maxine is an ordained trans-denominational minister, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and a Matrix Energetics healer. (See

When a subconscious “death wish” continues after the walk-out soul has left the body, it can cause the walk-in’s mission to get stuck or even be aborted if the life of the body ends because the core issue was not dealt with. That is why it is so important for walk-ins to have support to keep the body safe during the adjustment phase.

Thankfully, not all walk-outs create drama when they are ready to leave. If a soul has learned what it needed to learn and accomplished its purpose, it can choose to “pass the baton” to an incoming soul without impairing the body through an unconscious death urge.

While the walk-out soul is taking its final bow, the walk-in soul is arranging for its debut. More than likely this partner soul has been serving as guide for the natal soul, or is at least familiar with all that has occurred thus far in the physical incarnation.  

The walk-in maintains the lower three chakras and functions of the body and picks up where the natal soul left off. It overlays the imprint for its own spiritual mission as it connects to the upper four chakras. Even though there is compatibility between the two souls, there is often an adjustment period in which the body must acclimate to the higher vibrations of the incoming soul that hails from a realm where there is no linear time.

So, what happens to the natal soul when it walks out? Some run to the light in a mad dash for relief. Thus, they are not involved in the work that is being initiated by the walk-in soul. In other cases, the natal soul remains close by to guide the walk-in through social interactions and life situations it left pending. However, the natal soul has been conditioned with the distortions, illusions, and dysfunctions of the 3-D world and is probably not the best guide for the walk-in soul to rely upon. Other times, the natal soul may stay in the auric field to observe and learn lessons while the new soul picks up the pieces and begins to heal and resolve issues and beliefs that created the exit point for the natal soul. Partner souls only want the best for one another. A positive auric attachment can be a benefit to the newly-arrived soul if the walk-out is emotionally detached from the outcome and is able to offer unbiased guidance from a higher perspective. However, the natal soul can also cloud the judgment of the walk-in soul by influencing decisions or trying to maintain control over the life it has left.

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