Friday, January 30, 2015

Sensitivity for Walk-ins

Nowadays, the integration period is not as devastating, and walk-ins are not alienating from families and friends like they did twenty years ago. Even so, if you think being a walk-in is appealing, think again! The work involved in the aftermath of a soul exchange is anything but glamorous.
The walk-ins and empaths I talk to in my coaching practice are very sensitive, mainly because they have not learned to manage what is going on in their mind, emotions, and aura (the personal space around the body). The physical body is surrounded by an aura and many subtle bodies: etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal, celestial, and ketheric bodies. The lower four layers store memories, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, karmic patterning, and other data regarding everything that an individual experiences.

A baby has the safety and comfort of its parent’s love and protection at birth, and does not have language skills, the ability to move about, or the responsibility to make choices that affect others. This gives the soul time to adjust while the body gains motor skills and collects life experiences and information to help it navigate. When a soul walks into a body that can already walk, talk, drive a car, think logically, and make decisions, it is expected to continue to carry out adult responsibilities such as feeding itself, making a living, caring for children, balancing a checkbook, etc.

Naturally, a walk-in feels strange coming into a complex system already in place that instantly begins making demands of them. They feel a temptation to dissociate or float off to somewhere outside of the body—perhaps to a gentler place that resembles the dimension or reality that they came from. So, the challenge for a new walk-in is to be fully present in the body. Actually, this is a challenge for most humans. Many people self-medicate through a variety of substances and addictions that keep them from facing the chaos they or others have created. You see this being played out in mindless chatter, unconscious eating habits, and lack of attention to the task at hand. I used to think that multitasking was the only way to get a lot done in a short amount of time. I now know that abiding in the quantum field is the best way to create because it allows the universe to support me and do things on my behalf, such as bringing people into my life that are a bigger blessing than I could ever have imagined.

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