Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Facilitating a Soul Exchange

Let me begin by stating that a walk-in/out does not occur simply because you wish to leave your body or escape the Earth life you have created by the choices you have made. In other words, you cannot choose to have an advanced soul take over the reins because you are unhappy with your life or entertaining suicidal thoughts. Soul exchanges are pre-incarnation contracts and are negotiated on a higher level without the input of the ego. However, the feeling of wanting to die or leave the body can be an indicator that this arrangement has been agreed upon.

We have do free will, and our higher self can veto a walk-out/in when an opportunity is presented to us. The smaller self or personality (ego) is not the one who ultimately decides when a soul will come into the body and when one will leave. The ego often creates death urges that create exit points, but even during those “opportunities” the perfected soul (higher self), soul group members, and spirit guides decide the best course of action. That’s why not every near-death experience or suicide attempt results in a soul exchange.

Having said all that, I realize there are times when someone just “knows” that a walk-in is about to occur for them. A walk-in can occur more than one time in a body. As we are ascending into purer consciousness, we may have several substantial shifts in energy that allows us to bring more of our higher selves into the body. Future or more evolved aspects of our soul may come to walk along beside us as guides and switch in and out of the body as needed. Perhaps you are a revolving door walk-in and have had several soul swaps or walk-along experiences.

If you strongly feel that you are destined for a soul exchange, you will likely begin to have internal signs—dreams, spontaneous visions, apparitions/visitation by angels—that lets you know you have “permission” and are being guided toward this experience. You may be aware of another soul or higher dimensional being in your field who is willing to "wear" your body and help resolve any existing emotional patterns.

My mission as a gatekeeper for souls is to help walk-out souls find their way home and walk-in souls come into the body more gracefully and peacefully. This can require gathering, cleansing, and reassembling soul fragments before crossing over the walk-out soul. The body may need help with raising its vibration and clearing out astral debris while integrating a walk-in soul.  I can help you
with this process.

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