Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Light Language Music Album by Yvonne Perry

I've been busy making music this year. That's why you haven't seen any posts on this blog for a while. I'm ready to share this new album with you. I think you will enjoy it and find it helpful as you travel your spiritual path.

Language of the Stars music album An MP3 album of keyboard music, singing and speaking light language, textured layers of galactic sounds to assist with spiritual growth and ascension. More than an hour of unique sound therapy to relax the mind and allow it to reset to its natural state of well-being.

Entertaining, but very powerful. Yvonne Perry’s original creation to help elevate the mind by accessing the higher consciousness and vibrations of celestial realms. Headphones enhance the journeying experience! Get the entire album (seven songs listed below) at http://www.weare1inspirit.com/music#stars

Single song tracks are available as listed below. Click the purchase photo or song title for more information about each song.

Blue Avian 
Blue AvianThis Blue Avian being of light appeared on Yvonne Perry’s canvas as she was painting intuitively and guided by the energy of higher dimensions. This is a representation of a twelfth-dimensional avatar expression that is currently descending into human form. You may be sensing this as your higher self joining with you.

Kali Shay-li
Kali DurgaWorking with the transforming energy of Kali in combination with Shay-li (a Lemurian word meaning gentleness) brings a powerful activation with tender compassion. This audio is designed to loving support and bring clarity to those who are undergoing intense shadow work or having a dark night of the soul.

Star Path
Star PathDesigned especially for starseeds who are struggling with being in a body on this planet. Transform your thinking from a negative perspective to one of gratitude for being a forerunner in the ascension. (A starseed is a soul consciousness that originated somewhere besides here on Earth. Some are off-planet beings who have walked into a human form.)

Dragons PortalsDragon's Portal
Some people are interacting with mystical beings such as fairies, elementals, unicorns, pegasuses, mermaids, dragons, and such. This charming and entertaining audio shares a story through mental images created with a variety of sounds. The light language transmission allows you to connect to the realm where these beings live. Feel their love and sense the homecoming welcome they share with you!

Exploring the Galaxy
Exploring the GalaxyEnjoy the mystical sounds of singing and speaking Lemurian and ET languages. Enjoy the mystical sounds of singing and speaking Lemurian and ET languages. Created by Yvonne Perry using a Yamaha synthesizer, these unusual sounds are sure to excite your senses and expand your awareness of higher dimensions.

No Concept of Time
No Concept of TimeDoes it sometimes seem like you are two places at once? Are you losing blocks of time? Can't remember where you are or where you have been? Do you feel as through you are bi-locating? You may be jumping time lines and visiting other dimensions. The physical body is restructuring and re-calibrating and the light body is being brought on board.

AttunedThe perfect tune up to help clear, transmute, and attune any energy that is ready to be brought into wholeness with your soul essence. Our subconscious beliefs can be changed on an energetic level in order to heal the bodies and find peace of mind. Begin by altering your DNA through light language, which is not affected by the subconscious, the brain, or the body.

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