Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ascension Artwork

I'm so excited because Vickie Majors, the artist who is painting the incredible art for the cover of my book, is almost finished with the piece. I can only give a glimpse now, but within a few weeks I should have the entire cover ready. Yay!

There is a lot of symbolism in it. Please leave a comment to describe what you see and what this work of art.

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  1. This actually brought me to tears. Maybe because I am fresh off reading your book... and understanding more how we are truly all one and how we are truly each so powerful- way beyond what we seem to realize.
    But this image helps me to really feel that I am part of this whole big Universe- that I matter- that I am not separate from it or from those around me.
    Barbara Techel

    1. I'm feeling the love in your comment, Barbara. Thank you so much for leaving a comment and blessing this blog with your lovely energy. WE ARE ONE!