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Foreword to Shifting into Purer Consciousness

Foreword by Susan Allison, Ph.D.

We live in an unprecedented time, a time of great change that some call “upheaval” or “chaos,” and even “the time of the end.” In a sense it is the end, but the end of a 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era for humankind, not a cataclysmic destruction of our planet. We are birthing a new world, and just like the birth process, it is also painful, messy and work! However, birth is also uplifting, joy filled and life changing. This more positive outlook, seeing 2012 as the birth of heaven on earth, a time of harmony and higher consciousness, depends on all of us, working individually and collectively, in order to bring it to fruition.

If we can see our embodiment at this time in history as our “choice,” it then follows that we want to take responsibility for our part in the transformation of the planet. It is my belief that we each signed a contract between lives agreeing to come back at precisely this time to help usher in a new age of enlightenment and peace. Now it is our responsibility to raise our consciousness and vibration in order to come into alignment with our higher selves and fulfill our soul’s purpose. How do we do this?

A good start is just what you’re doing, reading Yvonne Perry’s newest work, Shifting into Purer Consciousness, Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Here the author and metaphysical practitioner clearly explains what is happening on the planet and how each of us can navigate the rapid pace and accomplish our mission. Yvonne’s approach is clear and organized, beginning with an overview of the energy shift on the planet from a scientific perspective, then offering a synopsis of the many prophecies about 2012, and progressively presenting chapters that help readers assess and understand where they are, who they are, and how to be the highest of “spiritual beings having a human existence.”

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Yvonne and I are so parallel in our lives at this time, and for many years, that it makes me laugh. Even my bumper sticker says, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience!” We have never met in person, but she is my soul sister and in my soul family.

Actually, I first “met” Yvonne Perry by being a guest on her radio show, We Are One in Spirit Podcast, and then inviting her to be on my show, “Empowered Healer” on the Voice America, 7th Wave Network. From our first emails, and then definitely when conversing, I recognized Yvonne as a member of my soul family. I feel deeply connected to her, and as if I have known her for many years. This recognition is happening to many of us; everyone in our soul family is showing up now so we can join together as a team of light workers dedicated to changing ourselves, helping others come into alignment with their highest, and helping our planet shift.

Not only are we not alone on this spiritual path of ascension, with many people here joining with us, but the author makes it clear that we are not alone in other ways. We have spiritual allies, ascended masters and guides to call on any time, and they are waiting for us to do so. As Doreen Virtue says in her books, we all have guides and helpers, from spirit animal guides to angels ready and willing to be of assistance, but we need to ask first. Yvonne talks about connecting with our spirit allies through meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmation, chanting and other means, using clear examples of these methods of connecting with our highest and the highest in the universe.

I encourage you to try some of the transformation tools that Yvonne offers. I know in my life that years of meditation, prayer, shamanic journey, the use of affirmations and journaling have been invaluable, and new and beautiful wisdom keeps coming in from former and current spirit helpers. Just a few days ago, while meditating, the archangel Metatron came in, and since then I can hear his voice helping me throughout each day. I feel grateful for this gift and can use all the help available!

When speaking of spirituality in this text, Yvonne is very respectful of every reader’s belief system, and wants each of us to use whatever works for us as we connect with our inner spirit and with the creative force: God, Spirit, Source, Energy, Love, whatever we call this higher being. I love how Yvonne offers so many options and methods to help readers find what works for them. I also appreciate all her personal stories about her religious background and her spiritual transformation, especially the discussion of her walk-in experience.

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In her “walk-in,” Yvonne describes her soul exchange, and the challenges and adjustments as well as the dividends of having a new soul with a higher frequency. When I read about her walk-in, I wondered if this could have been what happened to me. In 1994 just about everything in my life changed; I left a long-term marriage, became ill, met the love of my life, (who is now my husband), had many losses, moved several times, changed professions, and so on. What I remember is saying aloud to a creative writing class, “I need a huge change.” Someone in the class reminded me a year or so later that I said this, but I had forgotten! What I do remember is that my soul felt like it was dying in the marriage, and not just in the marriage, but in my life in general. I did need a change and I got a big one that catapulted me into an entirely new and higher consciousness. Whether or not I am a “walk-in,” Yvonne’s chapter about her soul exchange has helped me understand my own evolution, and my guess is it will help you as well.

During 1994-1995 I remember telling my therapist that I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, that my heart was breaking, and she wisely said, “No, your heart is breaking open.” I was having a spiritual awakening, and as Yvonne says, I was in the ascension process, and it hasn’t let up since 1994. I love how Yvonne explains ascension several places in the text, as spiritual awakening, oneness and conscious evolution, and then gives practical steps for handling any symptoms.

This explanation of symptoms and how to remedy them is my favorite part of the book because it is so practical and immediately helpful. Like Yvonne, I have or have had over 90% of the symptoms she lists, and I must say I feel relieved that I’m not falling apart, just in the process of rapid ascension! Some of the symptoms of spiritual awakening and transformation she lists are: hot and cold flashes, aches and pains, including headaches, anxiety and panic attacks, heart palpitations, synchronicities, and so on. From the discussion in the text, I now understand the connection to rapid evolution at a soul level, and what I’ve experienced makes more sense.

Another concept that resonates is about some of us being starseeds and light workers. Many of my clients, co-workers and friends have talked about feeling like aliens here, as if they are from another galaxy, and I’ve felt this way, too. More than this, I truly have felt connected to the Pleiades and know on a deep intuitive level that I’ve been there or lived there. In the text, Yvonne speaks of starseeds being those who have been to other planets or stars, perhaps on their journey here or between lives on Earth, and this feels true for me. I’ve even studied with Barbara Hand-Clow and loved her book The Pleiadian Agenda. I’ve studied Barbara Marciniak’s writings as well, and nearly underlined her entire book Bringers of the Dawn about Pleiadian wisdom. It felt and still feels like my own culture.

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Also, I believe that many of us are light workers here to help the planet through the birth pangs and into a new age of harmony and unity. Most of the women in my groups want to shed what no longer serves them and focus intently on their mission here. As beings of light, we are to bring information to the planet that comes from our sacred heart space. Yvonne beautifully writes about the physical, spiritual and sacred heart, and how we are to connect with our sacred heart and live from the higher truths therein.

It’s interesting that many teachers (such as Drunvalo Melchizedek) are speaking of the sacred heart, and how to journey inside to meet the higher self and the God within us, to raise our vibration, to re-activate our DNA and both draw in energy from the Light in the upper realms and send this healing light energy into the earth. In a sense we are conduits or vessels that mediate between heaven and earth and help balance the energy of all there is. Before even hearing of Drunvalo, I’ve been leading meditations into the sacred heart space and participants are meeting their higher selves and accessing wisdom to further their acceleration. Yvonne clearly shares the importance of this heart-based approach for all of us to use.

As stewards of the earth each of us has a certain part to play, and this differs from person to person. Shifting into Purer Consciousness gives us the understanding and tools to navigate this intense time of rapid change, to BE the change by living our truth authentically and passionately. Yvonne Perry lights the way.

Susan Allison, Ph.D.
Santa Cruz,
April 13, 2012

 Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You also written by Yvonne Perry.

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