Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Transmuting Energy from Ascended Masters

Even if you are not called to do the work of transmutation (see link), you can still work with ascended masters; I highly recommend that you do. As evolving souls, we basically have all the info we need and are able to vibrate at whatever level we want without symbols in our chakras or energy from galactic beings. But, these heavenly beings—as well as angels, archangels, and ascended masters—do not infringe upon our free will or make assumptions about what we want in life. Therefore, we must ask for their help.

That doesn’t mean that some of us are not unconsciously working with these masters on a soul level or perhaps during the dream state. Many empaths are becoming more aware of their multidimensional experiences. You may see, feel, hear, and sense these spiritually advanced beings around you. Having a clear aura and open chakras helps us become more conscious of the work we are doing on other levels of existence with spiritually advanced beings.

Also, that doesn’t mean we are free from our ego. The ego is a thought form that resulted from our separateness from our higher self. As we restore this connection, we may have even more negative thoughts rising to the surface to be integrated. I have an article that I’ve written on this topic. I’ll post it tomorrow.
I also have a prayer that I pray to help with this process:

“Purify all my thought forms with brilliant, loving light. Transmute the thoughts of collective humanity with pure, loving light from the Cosmic Mind. There is no separation from the Cosmic Mind. Let my thoughts be positive and loving at all times and in all ways.”

There is a wealth of enlightening information and cosmic wisdom and knowledge available to us now. I will share how to connect to this higher wisdom through the heart center. Part of reconnecting with our heart is to become aware of our authentic free-spirited self that knows and easily experiences love.

Our soul has not forgotten its union with the Divine Heart, but our human 3D world has caused us to see ourselves as separate from the Universal Heart (God, ALL THAT IS). My goal is to teach you how to reunite your personal or spiritual heart with the Universal Heart and increase your awareness of what you are receiving in your body and emotions. To know that your soul is infused with love and feel the honor of living in union with this higher aspect of yourself as the I AM Presence brings true healing.

You might get a glimpse of what your future self might look like after having moved through the 2012 shift. No more heaviness, fatigue, discomfort, or illness that you may be experiencing at this moment. The energy for helping making this shift is here now. Learn more in my book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness.

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