Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Are Realizing Our Divine Nature

I think a lot of people are afraid of admitting that they have the divine within them. It sounds so pious, but the truth is to think of ourselves as separate from or less than God is the epitome of arrogance—like we can somehow exist without the divine. It is in the essence of this creative power that we live and move and have our being.

Jesus’ claiming to be God was the thing that did him in. One thing I think people mistakenly derive from the teachings in the Bible about Jesus is that he was somehow seeing and promoting himself as superior to us when actually he was saying, “What I do, you can do also. In fact, you can even do greater works than I have done.”

The way to do that is to follow the path he has set before us, which is to be one with God. As we see ourselves as individuations of the divine (the expanding consciousness of God) we begin to act more responsibly. Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone was told from the very beginning of their lives that they are one with god. That they are one with goddess. I think our crime level would drastically decline.

Carl Bozeman wrote a wonderful book titled On Being God. His book gives a better perspective on that particular topic than any book that I have read. It gives people permission to breathe easy when they say, “I am god or I am goddess” and truly understand what that means. We humans live far below our divine potential; it’s easy to see why we don’t view ourselves as God. Once we understand our creative power and how to correctly use energy, we will recognize our greatness—not in a proud manner, but in a way that makes us realize that we are responsible for our every thought, emotion, word, and deed. We will then know why Jesus spent so much time in prayer and spiritual purification practices such as fasting. While working under the veil of illusion in this 3-D world, he knew he had to stay connected to his Source of wisdom and strength—he had to keep open the lines of communication with Home. So do we!

So I ask you: What spiritual practices are you using to help you stay grounded in divine love? How are you staying connected to your higher source of wisdom? What do you need to do today to get in sync as God-Goddess?

We are pilgrims and strangers here on Earth; we are just passing through. This means that we came from somewhere other than this planet and will go elsewhere when we are done here. It pays to stay in touch with the folks back home. So, ET, phone home—regularly!


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