Monday, May 21, 2012

Prayer for Ascension

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Shifting into Purer Frequencies ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, in which I share five prayers that I've been using to raise my vibration and facilitate the ascension process.

Notice how many affirmations are used in this next prayer. That’s because we know that the Divine Plan supports our ascension and all its processes. There’s no need to ask for this; simply affirm it is so. This prayer has been set to music and is available on my Website,

As I seek the stillness within my own heart in this now moment, I acknowledge my creator whose holographic image is in me, reflecting around me, and expressing as me in human form. I am part of the divine matrix known as ALL THAT IS. The voice of God-Goddess within me directs me in the rightful use of energy. I will respond by compassionately acting upon this wise guidance.

My inner shepherd nurtures and protects me. I walk in green pastures beside calm waters as I diligently align my will with the will of the Christ within me. I align my emotions with the heart of the Divine Mother and I align my thoughts with the mind of the Divine Father.

I long to know myself more deeply as a living Christ. I absorb Divine Love’s nurturing embrace. I allow my higher consciousness to be fully present in my human experience. I receive into my human DNA the ascension codes sown by Christ. Every cell of my body and every atom of matter is receiving the fast-vibrating (pure) ever-expanding frequencies of cosmic light, which are penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere and collective consciousness of humanity. I am now able to receive a full spectrum of light; and I anchor these vibrations in the core of Mother Earth.

My desire is to expand my spiritual awareness and know union with God-Goddess while in this physical body. Thank you for teaching me how to expand my consciousness into my subtle bodies in order to activate the Christ codes within my physical body. Awaken me to receive the energies of transmutation and ascension and master the secrets of cellular regeneration. This will renew my body for eternal youth and healthful immortality. Thank you for assistance in preparing my light body and merkaba for internal and multidimensional travel.

I honor my place, part, and power in bringing heaven to earth through my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. I effect harmonious change in the world and help midwife the Earth into the next age of evolution. Thank you for helping me prepare the womb of my heart to immaculately conceive and birth the Christ Consciousness on Earth.

I submit to the process that dethrones my fear-based ego. I receive help in manifesting my desire to loosen and transmute all fear lodged in my mind, which resulted from my former beliefs in separation. I allow the necessary attunements to occur in my mind and body. I permit the transmutation of karmic patterns within my cellular memory. As I shake off old limiting thoughts and beliefs, I awaken patterns of global unity to reveal more loving ways to be in relationship with God-Goddess, myself, and others.

Like our blessed Mother Mary, I dedicate my mind, body, and soul to the Cosmic Christ being birthed on earth now. May the Divine Mother express through me Her empowering and loving presence that heals the suffering and transforms the mental and emotional fields of the world.

Open the gates that lead to the One who knows the truth beyond the Earthly deception of separation. I choose to increase in wisdom so I may be of service to others as a model of love, light, peace, and joy. Let me be a vessel that brings peace to this planet. Help me succeed in my journey through this world and know the blessings of my eternal self. May the entire Earth and all of humanity collectively ascend during my lifetime. Help us to evolve our thinking, attuning it to the love and light of God-Goddess, so we may outwardly radiate into our world the oneness we have with Spirit. May each soul accept, feel, and become one with the energy of love as we merge with the Christ Consciousness, now arising on Earth. Let light descend upon Earth for our resurrection from the ashes of duality is nigh!

I thank my spiritual guides and all those who assist me with evolving and mastering my own soul. I am honored to be part of the process that helps to liberate the collective consciousness of Earth. I receive all of the gifts the Holy Spirit wishes to impart to me. I will use these tools and abilities for the greater good of all.

Help me to abide in this Sacred Heart space of the now moment where Spirit intimately communes with me. There, I understand the roles I agreed to play before I incarnated. There, I find wisdom and strength to carry forth this plan with ease of well-being and lightness of heart.

All this or something better. Thank you and so it is.

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