Sunday, June 3, 2012

Do Solar Flares and Earth Magnetics Affect Our Emotions?

Today's post comes to us courtesy of Michael David Lawrience. You may read the entire article, which lists the symptoms and some tips for maintaining health during solar flares, at

Scientists know solar flares affect and charge the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. We live in as well as link to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. When this field is stable we tend to be more stable. When solar flares intensify our emotional bodies become more unstable and get thrown out of balance.

Carol Matthews from Lightworkers also comments about the affect of solar flares on the body and emotions such as, “Tiredness, sadness, skin irritations, pain in muscles, bones and organs, vomiting & diarrhea, lack of emotions or too many emotions, changes in personality, changes in behavior, changes in jobs ….”

Gregg Braden, Awakening to Zero Point, describes the magnetic field of the Earth decreases as it slows in rotation. As our body which connects to the Earth’s magnetic field experiences this, we feel an intensification of emotions and may even have difficulty with memory recall.

Braden explains, in addition, that as the frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat – Schumann frequency – increases our deep emotional issues arise for healing. Have you noticed increased emotional distress or more conflict in relationships?

As humans we tend to resist change. This may no longer be possible as solar flares increase and the Earth’s magnetics continue changing over the next few years. It may be time to stop avoiding, and rather to go inside ourselves, and begin releasing the emotional and limiting mental patterns which have kept reoccurring in our lives up to this time.

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