Saturday, June 9, 2012

Awakening to Our Truth that We Are Divine Beings

Today I had the privilege of being interviewed by Joyce Shafer for an article in her weekly newsletter, State of Appreciation. I'll share part of that interview with you and then you can mosey on over to to read the rest.

JOYCE SHAFER: There’s a lot going on these days, lots of changes. Many attribute this to 2012 being the stimulus. How does your book help people who are experiencing fear from all the global economy, political, and social changes we’re seeing?

YVONNE PERRY: In the midst of all this turmoil, we’re leaving one way of living behind and going to another way. There’s a gap between the two that is very scary. You may think you’re about to be sucked into a pit or wondering if you’re going to safely traverse the gap. Like Indiana Jones, you may be wondering when you take that first step, will the bridge appear? It sure helps to have some kind of understanding about what’s going on energetically on the planet. These are some things I address in the first chapter of Shifting into Purer Consciousness.

I give scientific reasons as to how the Earth and our solar system are moving into an orbital path to align with the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy. In 2012, we are said to be ending the Precession of the Equinoxes, which is the last of the 12 zodiac signs in the cycle. While this is the end of one way of living our lives (believing that we are separate from God and one another), it is not the end of the Earth! Old things are passing away and all things are becoming new. That’s pretty exciting!

However, there is a lot of fear encircling the calendar date of December 21, 2012. This day is actually creating a lot of happy anticipation and excitement, leading us toward a very harmonious shift into something wonderful and grand. But, we have got to get past the fear-based, doomsday, catastrophic mindset regarding it in order to see the beauty of this special time and help facilitate the shift in human consciousness. My book is about how to help facilitate that shift within yourself and let love flow from you to help others to make the change as well.

We are awakening spiritually to our truth that we are divine beings. While we are many individual personalities, we are yet one. There’s really no separateness, because we are connected by spirit, our human DNA, the group mind, and the breath shared universally around the world. That’s one reason why we’re feeling so much the pain and sorrow of others, as well as the ecstatic joy of entering into a new phase of human development. We’re leaving old things behind and we’re moving into beautiful spiritual truths and living more authentically. We’re opening to miracles. People are becoming more telepathic in communicating with one another. We’ve seen spiritual gifts of healing demonstrated. These are precursors to what’s coming next.

There are ways to make the shift easier. One is to stop resisting change and begin to flow with Spirit in allowing your own healing and transformation to take place. I encourage people to get into their heart space, into that centered place within you where love abides and you feel at home. There, you feel a connection with the creator, or God—whatever you want to call that life-force energy. To be at one with the I AM Presence brings phenomenal peace regardless of what’s going on around you. Soon you will begin to radiate such love and joy, peace and light from within your heart center, that it affects your outer world. The most important aspect about this shift is that we are awakening from within.

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