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We Are One in Spirit Newsletter ~ May 2013

Book Launch and Training Conference

It’s finally here! My book for walk-ins, starseeds, indigos, and other embodied beings of light is now available on Amazon.com. It will be launched with a book signing and galactic fellowship on May 17, 2013 in the lobby of the Hyatt Airport Hotel on Royal Drive in Nashville, Tennessee. This free get-together will be followed by a training day on May 18. See http://walkinsamongus.org for details.

 Do you feel like a misfit on Earth? Are you here to help shift humanity and the planet into higher
consciousness? Have you experienced an awakening that totally revolutionized your life and made you feel that you are a different person in the same body? You may have had a soul shift. Our future, past, and fragmented selves are coming together in wholeness to create a unified expression of the soul. Shadow and light are being integrated. We are becoming one.  If you have had a strange spiritual experience, you will find comfort and information to help make sense of it in this eye-opening book, written by a walk-in to help others understand the soul exchange process and how to integrate higher vibrations that clear energy imprints that are not aligned with love, light, and joy.

Learn how to stay centered and actively involved in your personal ascension process as you discover your mission, purpose, and role on Earth. Get the book! http://weare1inspirit.com/walk-ins-among-us-book/  Join us at Walk-ins Among Us Nashville Conference to take your next quantum leap and open your personal portal to cosmic awareness. You will have a chance to discuss your exciting spiritual experiences with your own kind! I hope to see you at the book launch and training!

Walk-ins Among Us
May 18, 2013
Hyatt Place Hotel, Nashville, TN 37214

Reserve your space at the conference now!  

In Lieu of Webster’s Definition

As we explore ways to define “walk-in,” I recall how I understood the original term from Ruth Montgomery’s early work, Strangers Among Us. It reflected my personal experience and later fit what I learned through H.P. Blavatzky’s writings and the stunning stories of Lopsang Rampsa.
In my memory track of “young Carol,” my predecessor, I recall standing with her in the loving light, watching as she left. As the data I would soon need began to pour down upon me, I realized the significance of remembering. When I lost consciousness, the import seemed to resonate over and over before I awakened in the body to begin the mission of transformation that lay ahead.  
Ruth’s term “walk-in” is given to the exchange of soul that can occur behind a break in consciousness. This exchange is assisted by the karmic lords and guided by other than the human level. A personality finding human experience miserable declares it wishes escape and agrees (usually in prayer or behind sleep) to withdraw. Then, if there is a qualified soul who seeks to take over the remnants of the unhappy personality and reshape it into an opportunity for human service, it may happen. This experience labeled “walk-in” I have chosen to call “messenger” for bringing a message and doing service is indeed the reason the exchange occurs.  
Upon first hearing of other experiences that were being designated “walk-in,” I was uncomfortable that the term had no adequate definition. Now I respond to that need, and I certainly believe we should clarify the specifics of the phenomenon we are attempting to define.  
The sharing of consciousness that has been considered a visitation by and E.T. who comes and stays for a time, then departs, I perceive as an attachment that enters the personality, affixes itself(for a reason perhaps) to assist—even strengthen—the recipient, and to make a contribution to the progress of humanity at this time. A question I would like to ask and I think our readers would like answered is: How does one know when one’s own expanded and wise level is at work and when is it the “walk-in”? Because this is a doubly inhabited body, clarification would be helpful.  
The concept of a “higher aspect of myself” is almost always suggested by people who cannot deal with the walk-in explanation. Yes, I believe the true and natural path of spiritual growth is to connect us to the higher aspect of our nature. However, walk-ins are a different breed, and, speaking as one, I must say I indeed still have a higher self from whom I call forth guidance, expanded awareness, and energy. It has provided many insights as well as support and comfort through the years. The higher self is certainly still present in walk-ins, and most walk-ins draw upon it and are grateful for it. They also know the difference between their usual everyday consciousness and this wiser level.  
I personally do not see the overshadowing of a Master related in any way to the walk-in phenomenon. Masters guide their disciples and use them as outposts in their work, whether the disciple has had a profound experience such as an exchange or not. Disciples align to Masters to assist and to grow and to serve. Masters likewise aspire to have a means to touch the masses through those in their care. I see no correlation in this relationship to the walk-in experience, but many walk-ins may be disciples of the Masters. I know I attempt to serve as such, and I believe from my guidance that many others evolving by the path of initiation do so as well.
 Another story offered by Ruth Montgomery in Threshold to Tomorrow was a conversion experience behind which an exchange occurred. This was a profound kundalini episode which sometimes produces this kind of explosive change that we may interpret as conversion. Chuck Colson’s experience after Watergate seems to fit this description. Basically what happens in this example, I believe, is that behind the veil of consciousness the old individual leaves and a new one enters. This, however, does not automatically mean that the walk-in exchange occurred any more than that all near-death experiences include exchanges.  
Walk-ins are truly exchanges, not initiations. Initiations are wonderful times of expansion of consciousness for one who has gained spiritual merit. In that moment of new and expanded awareness, more energy is anchored within the personality as a result of soul growth. Often a period of integration is required for the newly blessed to reorient the physical life. The incoming fire tends to rush the dedicated one forward on a path already begun, but it does not shatter the life—nor does it involve the long period of confusion and adjustment as does the walk-in experience.  
Possession or fear-based events reflect the opposite of the positive manifestations to messengers or helpers of the Light. Living as we do in a dualistic reality, what is possible at one extremity reflects in the opposite as well. Therefore, I do think negative ones often stay close to the life of humanity and attach themselves for various reasons to those filled with similar energies. Hence, attachments can seemingly be either positive or negative. In certain situations, I believe a full possession can occur—a study in itself for those who wish to pursue it. Herein we are interested in emphasizing the positive help being given humanity as humanity invokes it. A principal point to remember is that the fruits of our work reveal the consciousness we carry. Wishful thinking and imagination belong to us all, and we are wise to exercise the gifts of discernment. When glamorized, the walk-in occurrence seems to be charming; however, as the work of the exchange is fulfilled, it is anything but. The life itself is given over to the work for which one has come. Yet, it is only natural for people struggling with personal challenges to wonder about these issues. Time is the great clarifier, and with observation, each one having had such an experience will come to know the reason behind it. However, of greater import to all of us is: Are we doing what we came to do? Not: How did we get here? We are all challenged to live by the rules of high consciousness, to love, and to serve.
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May 30: Rabbi Wayne Dosick is a revered educator, writer, spiritual guide, and healer, who teaches and counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness, and is well-known for his quality scholarship and sacred spirit. He has been described as a “rational intellect with the soul of a mystic,” and in connection with his new book The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine, he has been called “a spiritual master of our time.”

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