Friday, May 31, 2013

Enjoy Every Minute of Your Life

Is time passing you by and you don't know where it's gone? Have you fallen into unconscious life patterns and let yourself be driven by automatic pilot? Then it's time to take stock. It's time to wake up. Make every second count for that's all you have. It's time to enjoy every minute of your life.

The main character in my series of hilarious satires would maintain that the present moment is all you'll ever have. That's where the joy begins if you only allow it. Don't put off until tomorrow or even the next minute. Make the most of the precious time that's been given you.

Call up a good friend. Get up and watch the sun rise. Meditate. Take the day off from work and go on a spontaneous trip. Treat yourself and go out for a special meal. Take your dog for an extra walk. Turn a rainy day into a wonderful escape and read a good book.

Don't allow any negativity to interfere with your joy. Sure, life is full of challenges. No one ever said it was going to be easy. The trick is to take some time out, count your blessings, and never allow anything to diminish your joy. That's what life is supposed to be all about!

Let me introduce you to my character, Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. Sister Mary Olga steers to the left of center and doesn't let anyone rain on her parade. While her drinking and her smoking get her into trouble with her Reverend Mother – a former prostitute – she always follows her bliss. She does this by staying positive and maintaining a good sense of humor.

Her fellow characters help her with this. They are wacky and they provide her with many funny tales and misadventures that she will share with you. Priscilla Bunhead is the town prude and busybody who recruits the Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead to stamp our perversion in the Snortlands of Wisconsin. He, along with his wife Pinky Poo, are founders of the Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus. It is an upward climb for them as the gay people of Bucksnort emerge from their closets.
Along with the convent's gay chef and the transgendered Sister Samantha, they align themselves with people who recognize prejudice when they see it. The results are hilarious. Reverend Billy-Bob finally meets his match.

Along the way, you'll meet many other zany characters who will help you lighten up and laugh. There's the chef's baker, Amanda Ann Adult. She knows how to tip the bottle like Sister Mary Olga. Such is also the case for the convent's priest, Father Cowberries. Sister Mary Olga and he spend plenty of time in the confessional where they trade confessions over plenty of snorts of bourbon.

Take a trip to Bucksnort in my two books: The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and Babes in Bucksnort. They'll provide you with laughter from the first page to the last. They will help you appreciate the moment and will even provide you with some nuggets of spiritual wisdom along the way.

Written by Davis Aujourd'hui

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