Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who Are the Real Aliens on Earth?

As starseeds, whose souls originally found consciousness as a spark of divinity in another dimension, solar/planetary system, or universe, we are the aliens on this planet. The souls that originated as a spark of consciousness on planet Earth are the natives whom I consider to be the only souls who are not aliens here.

Area 51 (a galactic portal) is a top secret place that our government will not allow us to access. It is said to contain evidence of the Roswell Crash of 1947: Ex-government officials who were involved have, at the risk of their lives and their families lives, begun to report what they witnessed there. The Catholic Church, Freemasons (Secret Society), and "Old Money" Organizations are also aware of what is going on intergalactically and are the keepers of cosmic evidence that proves the existence of UFOs and ETs. A lot of cover up has been going on in order to control the masses. It will all come out when these organizations (collectively referred to as The New World Order) deems it necessary. I have an idea that they may use this as a tactic to convince the public that we need to attack spaceships with nuclear weapons in order to save our planet.

Since most galactic beings are benevolent and intend no harm (many protect Gaia from invasion of cosmic beings that do want to destroy us), they are not to be feared, but rather appreciated for their efforts to keep the incarnated ones from blowing up the planet and wracking havoc on the entire universe. There are malevolent cosmic beings incarnated on Earth as well. They are all about power, control, and destruction. Now, where do we see them operating? In the very institutions that I mentioned above.

Even with the cover up, one would think that some item or artifact might have escaped being found and collected by the super powers. I have two thoughts on that:

1. The technology these advanced beings use does not require them to have a lot of "carry-on" luggage aboard any space craft. (I've read in Godfrey Ray King's account of his interaction with St. Germaine that ascended masters materialize what they need when they need it. They don't produce any surplus of material items on a permanent basis.) The only thing these space travelers need to create is the space craft or vehicle that can protect and sustain their physical body as they come into the Earth plane. Those bodies look and function as any human body (Pleiadians are said to have created the original human body—spacesuit—that could sustain life in the Earth's environment); thus, they walk about on Earth incognito and use the items that are already here. Once here, they may work in occupations that allow them to bring in new and more advanced technology.

2. Until the Internet came into being there was not much of a way to report any incident on a wide scale. Anyone who reported it on a local level would have been thought insane. We do have hieroglyphics (I saw some in Sedona last year) that show how in tune Native American cultures were with the heavens. Images of some strange-looking beings or "gods" were carved into the rocks.

I wrote more on this topic in my book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness. Do you have a copy of it?

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