Monday, January 27, 2014

Staying in the Body

It is not uncommon to continue to experience dissociative episodes after having a near-death experience, a walk-in, or an energy download. However, it is very important to stay in the body after such a blast of energy in order to anchor the incoming soul aspect or higher-self energy and function as a spirit in a human body. Yet, this is one of the greatest challenges for a new walk-in.

We ignore way too many kinesthetic sensations and this is what puts us on autopilot and disconnects us from our bodies. That, of course, keeps us from using our body as the sensory or guidance tool it was created to be. The way to get fully present in your body is to really notice how the body feels at any given moment. Our body’s sensations are one of the many ways our higher guidance speaks to us, but so few listen—some are even afraid of what they might feel. The advice I give my coaching clients is to begin interacting with the five physical senses—engage constantly. These are some things you can do every day at any time to become more aware and get in touch with your body.
  • Notice where your body is touching the surface upon which you are sitting or lying. How does it feel? 
  • Slowly chew your food; really taste it and feel the texture. Lick your fingers! 
  • Talk aloud to yourself, and listen to the guidance you hear. Ask questions of your guidance—you may find yourself speaking out the answers. 
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Do not judge; just observe and be okay with what you see. 
  • Touch your body and allow sensual feelings to arise.
  • Pay attention to how it feels to release waste from your body when you use the toilet. 
  • Listen to your own voice as you speak.
  • Feel the fabric of the clothes you are wearing. 
  • Smell your skin. 
  • Notice the temperature of your body. Are you warm, hot, or cold? 
  • Sit still and listen to what you hear around you. 
  • Pet an animal, and notice how the fur feels.
These are so simple, but they remind us to pay attention to our feelings. I encourage you to explore more ways to tune into the messages of your body as you practice simple things like the ones listed above.

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