Monday, February 3, 2014

Soul Exchanges and Walk-ins

By Yvonne Perry, author of Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness
 We are in a time of human ascension and are being aided in this process by some benevolent off-planet beings. Many times these starseeds walk into an adult body rather than being born into an infant body. These beings are ready to begin a mission or complete a mission for a soul that has completed its mission and is ready to leave the body. When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the natal soul (or placeholder soul if this is not the first walk-in) normally leaves and moves on to other experiences in non-physical worlds. The incoming soul either walks along with the former soul or assumes single occupancy and full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. Some people might believe that a body is overtaken by a disincarnate spirit in this process. There are no hostile takeovers in a true walk-in! A divinely orchestrated soul swap can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls. The timing of the soul exchange is negotiated with the guidance team of both souls. Many times the souls are members of the same soul group and have a joint mission and swap places somewhat like a tag team. Carrying out a pre-arranged contract with a harmonized counterpart, soul exchanges are done with mutual consent to move both the walk-in and walk-out souls forward in spiritual evolution and bring a higher vibration to the earth, helping the planet ascend into purer planes of consciousness.  Many soul exchanges occur during exit points such as near-death experiences, surgeries, out-of-body experiences, dissociative episodes, dark nights of the soul, periods of unconsciousness, or other traumatic events. In the past, most walk-ins were not consciously aware of what was happening. That is because the incoming soul inherits the natal soul’s memory stored in the cells of the physical body, and souls on Earth are behind a veil of forgetfulness and illusion. Thankfully, that veil is thinning more and more.  Today, more and more walk-ins are coming in aware of what is happening, and they may have conscious awareness that a soul exchange is about to or has taken place. Some remember details of the transitional process from both perspectives—that of the Earth plane and the higher dimension. In such cases, the exchange is made in a cooperative manner, and there is less upset as they acclimate and integrate. In some cases there is a need to heal the body, overcome addictions, or resolve past issues. Walk-ins usually have a good idea of the spiritual assignment they have come to complete and are ready to get on with life.  So what is a walk-in anyway? There is both a simple and a complex answer. Simple, if you understand the multi-dimensional aspect of a soul (persona or expression of the Divine) existing simultaneously on parallel planes; simple, if you consider that Divine Source is everywhere and that we are individuations of that creative essence. Some refer to this omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent energy as “God,” so I’ll use that term a few times in this article. The answer is simple if you can accept that being born into a body is not the only way a soul can enter the Earth, and that death is not the only way a soul can leave this world. Similar to how we might rearrange our furniture, change clothes, trade cars, or move to a new house, the essence of a soul from one dimension is able to come and go from the third dimension known as Earth. Walk-ins arrive at each evolutionary step in advance of the masses, adding clarity and stability while leaving a clearly marked pathway as they move forward in service to humanity. These “way-showers” embark upon rugged terrain, determine what needs to be done to safely navigate and create the necessary changes, and then assist others in integrating the vibrational shift. As they refine their own personal journey, they become the model for others to follow.
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