Friday, February 21, 2014

What is Mother Nature Revealing to You Today?

It is easy to listen to nature and receive messages from Her spirit. Even during the cold winter when you do not want to go outside, you can sit by a window and watch for signs that give messages and show you what to call in as part of your mission to help ascend this planet.

Today, I was sitting on my back porch. We live in a neighborhood near the airport and the interstate. Naturally, there is a lot of noise to filter out during an outdoor meditation. I felt impressed to make a tone (this is light language) as I wrote in galactic code in my journal. I imagined the Divine Mother’s pure heart tone singing her love throughout the earth and all Her creation.

As I sat in my rocking chair and attuned my senses to the sounds of nature, I saw a pair of cardinals land on a branch of our peach tree (the fairy tree, as well call her). Cardinals remind me of the church, so I reminded our Divine Mother that she was no longer fragmented or repressed by male-dominant religions—that she is beautiful and worthy of our praise. The Earth belongs to Divine Mother, and Her time of restoring is here. Sophia is returning to her rightful place beside her husband, Christos. Celebrate sacred marriage! I sang a song to Her, one that I wrote in 1996:

The time of restoring is here
The time of restoring is here
Lift up the Bride, pure and white
For all the nations to see

The time of restoring is here
The time of restoring is here
A call to the prophets who stand in our midst
A word from heaven receive
The time of restoring is here

Next, I heard doves singing. I began cooing and imitating their beautiful song to Creatrix Mother. With my spirit ears, I heard, “All, birds, be infused with peaceful Divine Mother energy. As you fly through the element of air, flap your wings and herald the return of the Mother, our Sophia. As your feet touch the earth, you assure that it is safe for Mother’s life force to return to the soil.” I spoke that out and gave it form. (The word became flesh.)

Because birds mate with their bodies joined, they also represent the fire element. This sacred life force energy of sex has been repressed by religions because those who wish to control the sacred feminine aspect do not want us to understand or wisely use this powerful energy to manifest our freedom from oppression.

Next, I heard ducks. Not surprising since there is a large body of water about half a mile from my house. Waterfowl carry the same peaceful message as doves, but they have the advantage of being able to land upon and swim in the water. Thus, the praise of Mother is deposited into the element of water.

Tell me about the message you received from Mother Nature today.

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