Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is a Walk-in?

A walk-in is a soul that has walked into an adult body rather than the body of an infant. When this occurs, the natal soul—the one that entered the body at the infant stage—walks out at the same time that a new soul walks in. Unlike the possession that occurs when an earthbound entity forces its way in uninvited, this exchange of souls is done with permission, and there are no hostile takeovers. It is a pre-incarnation agreement and the timing of the soul exchange is negotiated between the souls and both their guidance teams.

Fortunately, today’s swapping and merging of soul essences is not the “trial-and-error” cosmic experiment that it seemed to be for many of us “forerunners” in the 1980s and ’90s, when an increase in soul exchanges started being noticed. Thanks to upgrades that have been made in the etheric template, there is now a collaborative effort and better communication between those in body and those galactic beings who are helping to facilitate the integration process, which is joining our multidimensional selves into a cohesive expression of oneness. Soul exchanges today are more gradual, occurring over the span of many years rather than the “in one day and out the next” scenario some people had a few decades ago.

 If you are desirous of the spiritual bliss that accompanies a successful walk-in integration, you will be happy to know that it is not just a select few who are experiencing soul upgrades. Humans are being transformed by receiving into their physical body the energy of some multidimensional aspect of consciousness or a future (vibrating at a higher octave) version of themselves. The pieces of ourselves that fragmented as a result of the trauma of our belief in separation are also being reassembled as we move away from separation (polarity) and move toward oneness with All That Is. This is what some call the “ascension.” Our galactic alignment exposes us and the Earth to the influences of other planets. These cosmic rays introduce multidimensional energy that begins to shift the body to hold universal frequencies of higher octaves. This is having a genetic effect upon humans. It is restoring the blueprint of the 12-strand DNA model that was modified eons ago. This modification cut us off from our multi-dimensional awareness and created duality (right/wrong, good/bad, male/female), causing us to live in the illusion of separation.

 We are constantly receiving information through our skin—the largest organ of our body—but we are conditioned to believe that if we cannot see, hear, taste, smell, or touch something, then it does not exist. Yet, we know that discerning abilities exist even beyond our intuition. We are constantly receiving information through the sensory receptors of our skin, which in our divine form was originally part of our autonomic system. These sensors went offline because we stopped using them. Animals know when a tsunami is coming, and they get to the highest hill while humans, who ignore their higher guidance, stay in the danger zone until it is too late and they get washed away.

 Humans have never been comfortable with things they cannot explain. Many are not able to accept supernatural occurrences and ideas because their filters of what is possible prevent them from believing in something outside of the socially-accepted norm. They fear rejection from those who lack understanding regarding the multifaceted soul; they do not know that we are spirit having a human experience. That is why many people do not talk about such things as near-death experiences, seeing ghosts, or being taken aboard a spacecraft. Fortunately, people have begun to open up and report what has personally happened to them; and thanks to mainstream media (although distorted), the belief in an afterlife, communication with the deceased, and interaction with our galactic family is gaining acceptance in American culture.

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