Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Not all of our spirit will fit into a human body. In fact, only a very small portion actually resides in the body. Rather, it encompasses our aura and extends indefinitely above our heads. Some aspects of our soul interface or live in other planetary systems and other dimensions. So, when a new aspect of soul comes to dwell in the body, a feeling of expansion may occur. This newly arrived soul aspect may feel confined and try to stretch the body to accommodate its enormous vibration. Many bodies gain weight soon after a walk-in occurs because of this.

The incoming soul can no longer see from the same vantage point that it did from outside the body and it may try to open the body’s third eye or alter its physical vision. It may be thinking, Turn on the windshield wipers. I cannot see through this foggy window! or Turn up the volume. I cannot hear the voice of my guidance! Thus, the eyes may begin to see shadowy figures or flashes of color, be sensitive to light, or the vision may go in and out of focus like a camera. The ears may ring or buzz, and hearing may be heightened. If the noise is too much, the ears may try to close down the interference and cause the body not to hear as keenly as before.

You may feel a sense of expansion, as if you are in an altered state at times—even when you are not meditating. This is certainly not a bad thing, but staying in the body is important if you want to function in the 3-D world. So, remember to connect with your body’s senses and physical feelings whenever you feel spacey. For more information, see weare1inspirit.com

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