Friday, March 21, 2014

Air Element Meditation

by Veronica O'Grady

Air. Open. Expansive. It’s everywhere. Alive. Free. Like gases in chemistry, it expands to fill its container. If there’s a lot of air in a little space, there is a lot of air pressure (psi). Too much air in a person’s energy can be perceived as spacey. If their air is not grounded to the container of the body, and it is further out, it becomes out of balance.

With a balanced air aspect, there is an open mind that is clear, precise, focused, and open to new ideas and perspectives. Air has its own kind of flow, an ease, a freedom to fly, lifting wings, an eagle, a vision, a deep breath and a total knowing . . . all at once. Both detachment and connection when it is in balance, air is the ultimate observer element. It is within everything, encompasses everything, and supports all.  If you feel so inclined, you may want to take a few moments to do a meditation and observe the element of air and how you and air interact at all times.  Breathe deeply . . . the air . . . the good air . . . Breathe it through you now, deep and easy, soft and sweet.  As you breathe in, what does your breath touch within you? What does it bring in? What is it filled with?  What kind of filters in your own energy must it go through before it goes into you and you are able to relate more fully with it? How do you feel about the air you breathe? Do you trust it? Do you trust Life? What is breathing you in this air?  Honoring this basic relationship of air—its rhythms, flows, pulses, and consciousness interacting with you as a body and soul—can change everything in your life. Walking as air touching everything, you connect with and understand everything.  Every thought, nerve, pulse, feeling, belief, and experience involves air. We breathe through it all. And in breathing, we are imprinting our air and inner psyche, with pulses of reality. Pulses of creation creating itself!  Air is magic in motion and air is being the stillness.  Air is the dynamic buffer, the padding, the place holder for all the stars, galaxies, and systems of creation. Air holds the stars and galaxies in place. How? How does air here differ from air in other galaxies and deep space cosmos? What is this Air? When and how did it begin breathing us alive and awake? Why? What else is it breathing alive? Species, dreams, realities.  When you breathe in air, what is there within you to receive it? Where is it received? Where does it go? What does it affect? And what changes in you does it create?  And the air around you, what do you fill it with? You breathe out, you breathe in. What do you breathe out and let go of? Where does it go upon release? How does it transmute itself?  What and who do you let into your space? What kinds of thoughts do you consciously and unconsciously have in your inner space? How do your thoughts affect your body? Your air? Your Life? Your emotions? Your space, within you and all around you?  What is the quality of the words you speak and breathe out into the air of your space? What kinds of words or energy do you allow in?  What kind of air smells the best to you? What does it awaken within you? Outside by a creek, a beach or inside by a winter’s fire? A Lover’s fragrance? Fresh cut grass, flavors, scents?  Air. One of the most magical, mysterious and timeless elements we get to experience here on this great earth walk.
I invite you to play with the energy and element of air and see how it breathes through and speaks to and you.

Veronica O’Grady is the co-host of Empowering Hour with Empaths. She is a natural born visionary healer whose first formal initiations began at three months of age. She has facilitated thousands of visionary and healing experiences, shamanic initiations, and master level, life-changing transformations. She has trained intensively with shaman and master healers and uses her gifts in private healing sessions and while leading workshops such as prescription for Empaths. You will find her online at

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