Monday, March 31, 2014

Sacred Union Twin Flame Energy

I was at a birthday party recently and was feeling amazing love for everyone there. My heart was having one of those gushy sentimental experiences. I thought surely there were flowers and butterflies dancing all around me and everyone could feel it too. I get this feeling many times when I am with my grandkids and spiritually attuned friends.

When this happens (which is more and more frequently) I go into an expansive, spiritual/etheric space of love and oneness. It feels erotic and innocent all at the same time—erotic because it is life force energy (chi) being generated and it feels awesome flowing through my root chakra. It also flows through my entire body, chakras, and auric field. Innocent because I have no intention of being physically sexual with the person I am interfacing with. In fact, sexual touch can actually make the feeling decrease. It is a spiritual or cosmic experience that goes beyond the bio-container (body) that we live in.

When I have this loving erotic-innocent feeling, I want to hug someone, hold their hand, kiss their forehead, or cuddle with them. If I resist extending this love in tangible form, I feel almost nauseated because the energy stays inside me. It wants to be shared. Perhaps I hold back my affection because I am afraid of how people will respond. If I verbally praise someone, they may think I am coming on to them. That is not the case at all. I’m simply feeling twin flame energy (the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine) within my body and auric field. Some people have been physically and sexually abused and are just not comfortable with a spontaneous hug or kiss on the cheek. It’s sad that the very affection and love that could heal them is what they resist most. But, I respect their choice to not be touched.

I love cuddle parties ( Those who attend are desiring to be touched in a safe way. There are ground rules and boundaries that allow participants the freedom to express affection without concern for being taken advantage of. It’s about knowing what “yes” and “no” mean to you. We learn to ask for what we need, accept another person’s yes or no, and how to gracefully, but unapologetically, decline any offer that feels uncomfortable.

Young children are not afraid of intense affection. So, little kids get a lot of extra hugs, shoulder rubs, hair play, and kisses when they are around me. I am pretty sure children can feel this erotic-innocent energy. A 2-year-old girl at the party gave me a hug and kiss before she left. I nearly cried I was so touched by her affection. She had only seen me two other times before that party and it had been quite some time ago. Trust. Innocence. Purity. Love.

So, call it twitterpating and call me Bambi; I'm in love with people . . . and trees, and animals, and my food, and nature, the sky, the cosmos . . . I am in love with this moment. I AM divine.

For more information about this twin flame energy and how it may begin to express in and through you, listen to the replay of a discussion by Samavesha Gayatri, Cayce Shostak, and Yvonne Perry at

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