Monday, April 7, 2014

Maintaining Your Personal Eighteen Inches

One hurdle in maintaining your own personal space applies to everyone on Earth. Your personal space is an egg-shaped bubble or aura that extends about eighteen inches outside your physical body. (Your soul essence expands far beyond this range.) This eighteen inches is all the energy we are responsible for maintaining and holding steady! We make it difficult on ourselves by trying to maintain more than this, or by trying to alter other people’s energy. We do this by sending our thought forms and emotional energy where they do not belong: back to the past (regrets), into the future (worrying), or to someone and the drama they are creating. Being able to hold resonance in your own vibrational field and keep it clear from the energy of those around you is the most helpful thing you can do assure inner peace. It is from this space that you create everything you encounter in your personal world.

We are taught to give and give, and sometimes take a little. But, taking is not the same as receiving. Being able to receive is a big part of the shift in consciousness, not only for us personally as individuals, but also culturally, globally, and cosmically. The truth is that we are not responsible for healing or “fixing” other people. If you see someone who is suffering, you can have compassion for them without getting entangled in their personal drama or the mess you may perceive that they are creating in their lives. I know that that sounds rather harsh and hardnosed. That’s because we have been taught to care for other people by taking on their suffering. Martyrdom is considered to be a virtue by many religions, but all it really does is keep people from taking responsibility for their own lives and what they are creating.

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