Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Claireolfactance Led Me to Write a Book about Light Language

Back in August of 2011, I had an oversoul visitation/draping during which I enjoyed twelve days of bliss and constantly smelled an angelic fragrance that no one else smelled. (This ability is known as claireolfactant, clairalience, claireolfactory, clairescence, clairolfactance, clairolfaction.) When that heavenly fragrance came back December 4, 2013 and lasted for nine days, I knew it meant something significant was occurring for me. The last time this mysterious aroma came, I started writing Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. This time, the fragrance indicated that I was being moved upon to write another book, which I published this April.

The day after Christmas 2013 I awoke at 3 a.m., hearing light language in my head. I felt compelled to speak it, so I began to whisper. Then, I had the urge to speak it aloud. As the vibration came forth, I realized there was something important being said, which I understood at a soul level. I sensed that I was to ask others to speak light language; so, I posted an announcement on Facebook and thought that was that. I was done, right? Obviously, not. I had fifteen responses in about as many minutes.

People began sharing their experiences and wanted more information about this phenomenon. I collected the responses and contacted several people privately. They had stories worth telling so I wrote what I thought was an article. I was ready to share it with my FB friends when more information started coming in. The next thing I knew, my article had grown to five-thousand words and I thought, I may be writing a book. Sneaky, very sneaky, how the Universe drew me into this project. :-) But then, I got excited and started interviewing more people and asking them about their experience with light language. That led to the creation of a 42,497-word book, Light Language Emerging~ Activating Ascension Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Souls speak the Creator’s language of light (star language or soul language). You express it regardless of whether or not you realize it. My book tells what light language is and how to listen for it in your everyday life through images, dreams, visions, nature sounds, art, movement, body sensations, and conversations with other light beings. The book carries an activation. If you already have a verbal light language, you will begin to speak it with new understanding and added dialects; and, you will have a better appreciation for its purpose.

The book is not just about light language. It's about the ascension process and how we are bringing future selves, fragmented parts from the underworld (or shadow side), and multidimensional aspects of our soul harmoniously together in this current incarnation. This serves to help the physical body restructure its DNA to a less dense form to a crystalline-base. My book will help you see how light language plays a role in activating and integrating these kinds of experiences.

While the book is not primarily about my walk-in events or other soul experiences, I felt the need to interweave my stories (and those of other people) into the topic of light language. Many people are having soul shifts, getting soul upgrades, receiving downloads of high-vibrating energy, being visited by future selves, or integrating higher aspects of their soul. These look similar to a walk-in experience in which a completely different soul (usually from your soul family or guidance team) switches places with the soul currently in the body.

To read more about the book and learn about light language, please visit http://weare1inspirit.com/light-language.

Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See http://weare1inspirit.com/services for more information about her light language activation and healing services.
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