Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why All the Changes on Earth?

Everywhere I read these days someone is mentioning how our world seems to be going crazy. Many people are in crisis, strapped with fear, and stressed to the limit. People have lost jobs and financial security; there’s an upheaval in government systems worldwide; the global economy could topple in a heartbeat; the religious institutions we once looked to for guidance are wrought with deceit; our youth are rioting; depression is rampant; health issues are escalating; and relationships are failing.

The negativity around us is so strong that some empathic people find it hard to even be in public. People who have always been emotionally strong are suddenly having panic and anxiety attacks. Those who have never considered themselves a “spiritual person” are praying, meditating, and seeking solace. Some say their dreams seem more real than the reality they have during waking hours.

What is going on here?

Everything is being shaken from within. It may feel or look bad during the process, but these systems and our old way of thinking are breaking down in order for us to create something new. A lot of what we are experiencing is our unresolved personal issues and cellular memory being pushed up and out as the “separation mindset” comes to the surface to be healed. On a collective level, there are seven primary karmic patterns that are being cleared and transcended at this time: arrogance, addiction, prejudice, hatred, shame, violence, and victimhood. These patterns are being exaggerated in order to bring them to our awareness so we can transform them.

Letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve the Light can be scary. Families and relationships can be severely tested through financial hardship. Failing health hurts not only the body but also the mind and emotions. The process can get pretty messy and upsetting, but the end result will be a good thing and worth the effort it takes. Tested by fire, our souls will be refined as pure gold; the separate, fear-based mindset, controlled by the ego, will be overcome as we embrace the truth of our oneness with the Divine, our fellow humans, animals, and the Earth. In book,  Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, I give exercises to help you make this process as gentle, easy, and fast as possible.

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