Friday, April 25, 2014

A Book for Walk-ins

The time is perfect for material about walk-ins and soul exchanges to be shared. The number of people having sudden transformations and walk-in experiences is increasing daily, and these “new” souls need some basic understanding of the process in order to acclimate and get on with accomplishing the purpose for which they came to this planet.

The general consensus is that walk-in souls are evolved enough to have energy or information to share with an awakening consciousness; therefore, they can avoid the birth and childhood process. Walk-ins are not better than any other soul on Earth, so there is no need to get caught up in the drama of that idea. In fact, the life of a walk-in is difficult, and many times lonely, because there are not many people they can talk to about their experience. Yvonne Perry's book, Walk-ins Among Us, provides the help you will need if you experience a significant spiritual transformation in which you suddenly change many aspects of your life. Trying to acclimate to the faster vibrational energy from your oversoul, soul group, or multidimensional aspect of yourself can be daunting.

Because we are all multidimensional beings, everyone here on Earth is from someplace else. We are all here to do something, regardless of how or when we came to be in a human body. Yvonne's book will help lightworkers, healers, starseeds, and indigos discover their mission and move toward making it a reality. "Whenever I mention the word 'walk-in' (which I do not do with just anyone)," says Perry, "I get a mixed response. Some are fascinated by the concept, some think I am downright crazy, and others give me a dropped-jaw, deer-in-the-headlights look. When that happens, I know a light bulb has just gone on in their heads, and it has 'Ah-HA!'written all over it."

Every person on Earth has a personal journey to follow through the process of ascension. Like other lightworkers (Indigos and starseeds), walk-ins are path-cutters or way-showers who have agreed to incarnate in order to heal, clear and release cellular patterns recorded in human DNA and the planetary grid. Many of us feel like misfits because we have the ability to operate in the multi-dimensional reality of our upper chakras, whereas most residents of this plane are operating only in the lower three energy centers.

As forerunners of the oneness evolution, we see the cosmic picture and awaken others by leading the way—many times through mystical experiences. We tend to get “star-being syndrome” when we see the ideal of how humans are supposed to function and then feel frustrated when others are seemly hypnotized and stuck in their unenlightened programming. Like Yvonne, you may be somewhat of a rebel when it comes to adhering to social norms. This is part of the dismantling of old structures that dictate how we sustain our existence, do intimate relationships, and interact globally. We are assisting the plan of oneness by allowing our bodies to receive subatomic biological changes that will move all of us into a silica- or crystal-based form known as the light body. This process has been occurring for quite some time but has recently sped up as we entered the Age of Aquarius.

We are experiencing a cosmic convergence of starseeds, celestial beings, and walk-ins now arriving on Earth to connect with those already in body, who have paved the way. These advanced visitors are our future selves from other universes and planes of existence. You could be one of them. It is best that you determine for yourself whether or not you have had a walk-in experience. I support you in discovering your own truth and not just believing what someone else says about you. The purpose of this book is to help walk-ins move past the adjustment period and step into service as the empowered being that they are.

Learn about walk-ins and soul exchanges in Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See for information about her galactic light language activation and healing/clearing services.
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