Friday, June 27, 2014

Encountering Nature in Intimate Ways

When animals feel safe to come near humans they must sense that humans are worthy of trust. Kind treatment to all creatures indicates that humanity is ascending in consciousness. Last Thursday, nature came to me in rare form. First, a doe appeared in my neighbor’s front yard while I was standing in my front yard. We have lived in this subdivision for 14 years and I’ve never seen a deer in our cul-de-sac. The doe stopped and made eye contact with me for about five seconds. She was not more than 50 feet away. I felt panic in my body—I was not sure if it was her energy or mine, but I sensed that it was hers since I had no reason to be afraid of her. She took a risk by leaving the shelter of her woods and coming into the world where humans drive recklessly at speeds above the posted 30 miles per hour.

The doe went behind my neighbor’s house and came back about 30 seconds later. She stopped in the same place she was before and again looked at me for a few seconds. It was like she wanted to make sure I saw her and connected with her. After a few seconds, she ran toward a busy street. A feeling of panic increased. During this encounter I was on the phone with my friend, Vic, who has lived in harmony with nature for decades. “What can I do to help her?” I asked Vic. “Sit on the ground with your back against that maple tree in your front yard.” Vic had sat there before and her energy imprint was still there. I tapped right in and started breathing deeply in an effort to calm the energy as I connected with the earth. “Now, envision the doe getting across the street safely,”Vic instructed. “See her safely resting in the woods.” The deer probably lives near the lake that is about ¼ mile from my house.

Within a minute or so the frantic energy started calming down. When I felt completely calm, I knew the doe had made it to safety. My friend, Ishtah, was at my house with me when all this happened; however, she was in the back yard, sitting not more than ten feet from our goldfish pond. While I was interacting with the doe, eleven birds of all kinds lined up at the north entrance to our garden. Each waited in line for its turn to take a bath in the pond and get a drink of water. They saw Ishtah but they did not seem to be afraid of her.

That same afternoon I saw a blue skink (lizard) on the brick wall of our house. I spoke in light language to it as I passed by. When I walked into our screened-in porch there was a two-inch long baby lizard (maybe a Tennessee cave salamander) lying on one of the boards. It was so still I thought it was dead. I sat down and touched it. It didn’t move. I noticed two tiny drops of blood on either side of the lizard and thought it might be injured or dying. I sang in light language to the little creature while gently stroking its back.

After about a minute, he began to slowly move closer to me. It touched me deeply that this little creature trusted me. I laid down next to him and tears started coming to my eyes. I continued speaking light language to him. Ishtah saw what was happening so she brought me a lettuce leaf. When I tried to get him on the leaf, he quickly scampered across the porch. I thought he would go through the deck cracks and be gone, but instead he stopped, turned around, and looked at me like he was waiting for me to follow him. I scooted over to him and put the lettuce leaf over him to help him feel sheltered. After about 10 minutes of sitting with him (not touching him), I explained to him that I wanted to take him to safely. On the first try, I was able to get him onto the lettuce leaf and carry him into the garden where I released him in the cover of some tall grass.

On Friday, the next day, Ishtah and I went to see Vic at Suzanne’s house. The four of us were sitting on the porch drumming and singing in light language when a butterfly landed on top of my right foot. I immediately knew the fairy kingdom was trying to communicate with me. I sat still so the butterfly would not fly away before I got to say hello. It didn’t attempt to leave. In fact, it seemed quite content to partake of the dead skin cells on my foot (yes, they eat organic matter, not just flower nectar). It looked like it was using its long tongue to write light codes on my foot (scroll down on this page to see written light codes: The butterfly stayed on my foot for more than an hour, during which time the women built an altar and opened a portal for all the fairies and insects that had “died” to cross into the light. I got up to go to the bathroom and heard my inner voice tell me to slow down and not walk so fast. But it was too late. After I took about 20 steps, the butterfly flew off my foot and landed in a nearby window inside the house. I was able to retrieve it on my way back from the bathroom. Once outdoors, I put it back on my foot, but this time it didn’t stay but a few seconds before it flew away.

Vic said, “We have to slow down if we want to hear nature’s messages.” I think the entire message with the butterfly was just that: SLOW DOWN.

How have you interacted with Nature recently? What message did She give you?
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