Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What to Do Before a Soul Exchange

By Yvonne Perry, President of Walk in Evolution (WE International) and author of Walk-ins Among Us

When a soul's work or Earth contract is complete, it may be offered the opportunity of a soul exchange. Even if the pervious soul’s work is not complete, the incoming soul may be allowed to come in if it agrees to complete any unresolved issues for the soul it is replacing. Again, this decision is determined by higher guidance and according to Divine Plan.

 As a coach to walk-ins, Yvonne does not help facilitate a soul exchange for people who are simply seeking to leave the miserable lives they have created. Instead, she attempts to help people grow spiritual and accept responsibility as the co-creator of their lives. Her main focus is to help people have already had a walk-in and need support during the integration period. Soul exchanges are much like a hospice transition or a physical death. Here are some tips on how to prepare when someone is about to experience a conscious soul exchange.

• Most conscious walk-outs communicate with the walk-in soul for weeks or months prior to the actual swap date. The walk-out soul should make sure that the walk-in soul is of the light and is not going to harm the body or anyone else. The best way is to simply ask internal questions and use the “The Feelings Test” in chapter 7 to notice vibrational shifts in your body when considering the decision.

• Allow the outgoing soul to enjoy a favorite food, visit a favorite place, or do whatever brings a sense of closure or completion before departing.

• Nourish the body well to make the vessel as clean and healthy as possible.

• If the departing soul is troubled, overly tired, or in any way emotionally charged, it is highly recommended to retrieve soul parts.  

• Clean and clear past karma of the departing soul to help “get the house in order.” The departing soul may need to be forgiven or offer forgiveness to another person. They may ask that this be done on their behalf if they feel unable to do so before leaving.

• The departing soul should disclose whatever needs to be taken care of and know that someone will complete any unfinished business in his/her absence.

• Set the “nest” with clear and high-frequency energies like you might for a physical birthing: a quiet, peaceful, and loving environment without intrusions so the body can simply lay down and go through the cord exchange.

• The soul needs to know that it is loved. Give thanks for the work it accomplished while in body.

• The soul needs to know when it has left the body. Anyone attending the death may gently place a hand on the arm of the body so it can feel… and then not feel ... and know they are outside of/released from the physical body.

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