Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life as a Walk-in is a Grand Experience

Everyone likes the convenience of walking into a place and getting instant service. We have walk-in medical clinics and walk-in hair salons where we can obtain services without having to wait. We walk into a restaurant and a server takes our drink order. A few minutes later we are sipping our favorite beverage, and our food comes to the table soon after. In the ideal world, our meals are free; but for now, let’s say the check comes without our having to remind the server to bring it or wait for him to return with our change or credit card. A friend of mine told me he walked past a paper that was still rolled up in the protective plastic bag and the words “Walk-In” caught his eye. It was an advertisement for walk-in tubs. Really? The water would spill out when you open the door! I am still waiting for my walk-in closet to start putting my clothes on hangers—but overall, Earth life as a walk-in soul is a grand experience.

Even though we do have spirit beings to assist us, souls walking into an adult body, with all its quirks, conditioning, and dysfunction, may not get a grand welcome from humans upon arrival—certainly not like a soul entering as a sweet little newborn. No baby showers, designer nurseries, or parents and grandparents oohing and cooing over us. Nope. Most of our friends and family do not even know we are here, much less that the soul they celebrated when this body was born has left the building.

Many times, the body that a starseed soul walks into has some type of disease, injury, or emotional imbalance. The natal or walk-out soul may have left behind a distressing life situation such as limiting beliefs about him/herself, unenlightened social conditioning, or some detrimental, or even abusive, behaviors in its muscular and cellular memory. Additionally, the walk-in soul may feel disoriented, confused, and confined as it acclimates to expressing itself in a human body. By the way, a starseed is a soul who originated off-planet in another dimension and then incarnated into human form on the Earth plane. An earthseed soul navigates through life using only the lower three chakras governing survival on the planet. A starseed functions through the upper and lower chakras and is able to access and bring multidimensional reality into its Earth life experience.

Whenever a new owner takes possession of a property, there is work to be done. The walls may need to be painted, the flooring may need to be replaced, or the bath or kitchen may need to be completely remodeled. It is often the same with a soul exchange. The incoming soul inherits the d├ęcor, trash, weeds, and mess of the former soul. It is the responsibility of the walk-in soul to resolve and transmute the outstanding issues of the walk-out soul before the new soul’s mission can begin in full. It is not uncommon for the walk-in to “gut” the relationships that the first soul maintained. Within the first twelve hours of walking into this body in 1999, I left a 22-year marriage. I also left organized religion, changed jobs, moved to a new location, stopped playing piano (something I had loved all my life), and experienced a huge change in personality.

If you think you are a walk-in, chances are you can look back on your journey and see a time when you went through multiple and sudden changes that drastically shifted the direction of your life. You may have awakened from a coma and realized that you were not the same person you were when you “went to sleep.” Perhaps a suicide attempt, surgery, a serious medical condition or injury, a near-death experience, or a dark night of the soul preceded these changes. These are common situations that a natal soul may set up as an exit point.

Even though things seem to shift very quickly after a walk-in occurs, there is likely a transition period during which the walk-out and walk-in souls temporarily swap places to help both souls get accustomed to their new places and roles.

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