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Life Changing Events that may Mimic a Walk-in or Soul Exchange

There are many life-changing events that can mimic a walk-in or soul exchange. After describing what a walk-in is, I feel it is important to define what a walk-in or soul exchange is not.

A walk-in or soul exchange is not the same as a near-death or other spiritually-transforming experience, soul activation, mid-life crisis, Kundalini awakening, or dark night of the soul. It is not an ET or angelic visitation, or the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is not the same as channeling a spirit being, having a dissociative episode, or getting a download of higher vibrational energy. However, a soul exchange can certainly occur during any one of these experiences. Here is a little more information about each of these experiences.

Activations and Downloads

Our soul is perfect, regardless of what we experience here on Earth. However, in order to help us realize our divinity, we may encounter a “bump up” in energy that helps us attain a new spiritual level of awareness, which is really exposing the beauty of what is already there.

From time to time, you may receive a download of spiritual information or higher truth. These downloads are similar to how our computer automatically updates its software or operating system. This occurs as the body is able to receive, anchor, and function with the faster vibration of the monad, oversoul, and advanced versions of your soul.

Activation of Light Languages

Part of the work that walk-ins are here to do is to restore communication between humans and galactic beings. We do this as we begin to connect with our divine source within our Sacred Heart, maintain and keep our personal energy field clear of emotional or mental debris that disrupts the cellular communication of the body.

There is a level of supernatural speaking known as a light language, spirit language, or star language that carries frequencies of light that contain cosmic or galactic information. A lot of walk-ins (and people who are not even familiar with the walk-in concept) are spontaneously receiving this language. It may sound like gibberish with a sing-song lilt, much like Mandarin or oriental Asian, but I’ve been told that some languages are pre-Atlantian and pre-Lemurian galactic dialects.

The Native Americans have known about star languages for longer than there has been a Pentecostal denomination. There are similarities between the experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by the speaking in tongues, and the activation of these light languages. Impartation or

Energy Transfers

A fully-integrated walk-in can gracefully carry accelerated cosmic frequencies, maintain his or her personal space (about 18-24 inches surrounding the body), and hold open a field of energy for others to access. People can sometimes feel this energy emanating from a high-vibe soul.

The Bible talks about the impartation of gifts. This is referring to a transfer of energy from one person, who is carrying a high frequency, to another person who is willing to align or resonate or “match pitch” with a higher frequency. Physical and emotional healing can occur through the transfer of energy that comes from laying hands on a person or raising frequencies to create a “pool of energy” that someone can step into—even remotely.

Rising Kundalini

A profound Kundalini episode, which sometimes produces an explosive change in someone’s life, may be mistaken for a soul exchange. Kundalini energy is hot and expansive and can be triggered unexpectedly. Do not be surprised if it ignites sensual feelings or sexual desires; Kundalini is primordial energy from which all things are created.

We live in a culture that has a love-hate/come-here-go- away relationship to sex. It is used in advertising campaigns, movies, songs, and jokes, which seems to indicate that sex is to be highly sought after. On the opposite end of the spectrum, families, society, and religions frown upon those who have or enjoy sex—especially if it is done outside the accepted social norm of male/female monogamous relationships. Most people never make the connection that their sexual energy is life force energy and therefore the key to their creativity and vitality. In honoring your true self, you must honor this energy that is always alive within you.

ET Visitations

There has been a lot of attention in the media in the past few years regarding galactic spacecraft visiting Earth. For nearly a century people have reported seeing unidentified flying objects, and have shared encounters in which they were taken on board by aliens for some scientific purpose. I believe it is wise to entertain the idea that we are not alone in the universe and that we are not the only conscious or intellectual beings in our galaxy. My hope is that when our galactic family does make their presence known, our military does not attempt to blast them with nuclear weapons. Whatever we do to our planet affects every star, planet, galaxy, and consciousness in our universe—and possibly beyond. Starseeds come to serve both Earth and their own world, according to the Universe’s plan of unity.

Near-Death Experience

Life reviews, traveling through a tunnel of light, meeting deceased loved ones, Jesus, and other ascended masters, being told to go back and complete this lifetime—are included in the reports we hear when a person’s soul temporarily visits the afterlife and returns to the body. This can easily facilitate a pre-arranged soul swap, but not everyone who has a near-death experience is a walk-in.

Mid-life Crisis or Dark Night of the Soul

There is no need to create chaos in order to walk out. Therefore, not everyone who goes through a dark night of the soul or mid-life crisis will encounter a soul exchange, but many walk-outs/walk-ins have used times of distress as an exit/entry point. A highly-evolved soul may consciously facilitate a soul swap or soul merge as directed by the monad (intelligence hub of your soul group) in order to support the new world of crystalline energy.

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