Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Triggers for Spiritual Increase in Ascension Energy

In addition to the shift that the Earth is going through in raising her own vibration, there are many other things that can trigger a personal surge of ascension energy. These include, but are not limited to, having a near-death experience (including attempted suicide); practicing spiritual purification; receiving a miracle healing; undergoing a soul retrieval or past-life regression; having a walk-in or soul exchange; or merging or blending with your oversoul. Like me, you may have had more than one of these kinds of experiences.

Our souls are maturing and evolving regardless of what label we give it. At any time, we may experience a bump up in energy that takes us to a new spiritual level. The end result is we are being spiritually transformed as we seek to develop our souls. We are beginning to realize that we are one in spirit, and there is a whole lot more than what our limited human understanding and beliefs have allowed us to accept. Perhaps giving an experience a label helps define it. Realizing that I had been through a soul exchange certainly gave me new understanding and the ability to find tools to help me integrate the experience. Simply knowing what to call it pointed me in the direction to find the support I needed.

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