Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

It's all in your head! Yes, it really is! Whatever we think is possible is what we will experience in life. There’s something about coming close to death or being very ill or injured that causes us to reevaluate everything in our lives. It’s also hard not to change our old, limited ways of viewing life when we have a spiritual encounter that creates a miraculous healing in our body or emotions. Your rapid spiritual transformation could have been triggered by such an event.

Many empowered souls such as Dr. Eric Pearl have partnered with light beings and energy in purer dimensions to bring healing vibration, light, and information to the Earth plane. This reconnective healing can help transmute the energy of fear, darkness, and retribution. Dr. Pearl’s story about how he came to employ this “otherworldly” help is not only fascinating, it rings true to many who have suddenly been healed or became healers within the past ten years. Check out my interview with reconnection healer, Dr. Eric Pearl on We Are One in Spirit Podcast: http://dld.bz/aEdrb.

More and more people are learning how true healing comes from within our own body and thoughts. I especially like Dr. Susan Allison’s book, Empowered Healer. I first learned of Susan's work when I interviewed her as a guest on my podcast (http://dld.bz/aHyN6). Many people believe they have to look outside themselves for healing but Susan teaches us how to heal ourselves by going within and partnering with the support and help of angels and spirit guides. Yet, she also advocates the use of medicine or doctors to accompany this effort—a well-rounded approach. The thing I like most about her teaching is that it is so simple that anyone can do what she recommends and experience improvement in a physical or emotional health condition. That's because true self-healing comes from self-discovery and listening to the voice within and following its directions.

"In order to get well, it is important to look at the possible reasons you have become ill, be committed to getting better, and be willing to trust the recovery process presented in this book,” writes Dr. Allison. “Then, you will have faced and released the past and can move forward with confidence, believing 100 percent in your ability to heal yourself."

Another great resource for healing your body is Dr. Henry Grayson’s book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind. It will help you identify and clear hidden barriers that restrict healing. You will learn how your thoughts create your good health or lack thereof. Listen to the interview I conducted with Dr. Grayson on We Are One in Spirit Podcast.


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