Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Review for Light Language Emerging

Yvonne Perry's latest book: Light Language Emerging

Humanity attempts to settle on an answer to the question of “reality”. Philosophy and religion attempt to encapsulate thoughts on the matter into an idea, the oldest idea known to man: That being is one, identical with God the Creator. In every age and in every corner of the world that idea is rediscovered. Humanity finds that idea fulfilling. And humankind can rest comfortably on the fact that it will never perish. Assuredly, nothing will ever finally replace it in human consciousness. There remains only the problem of communication: A language is needed to communicate in an “all being as one reality”. Thus, Yvonne Perry’s Light Language Emerging beacons and fires the imagination with sounds, movements, and images that arouse joy, exhilaration, and the anticipation of a new day on the earth.  

Perry speaks to the possible human experience with fresh, new words and images that render imaginings fitting to the present moment in evolution. Light Language Emerging is captivating and nearly impossible to put it down, hypnotically leading into an immediate second reading. While the Church limits light language to church services and prayers, without reservation, Perry blows the doors off that stifling prison of thoughts about its purpose and potential by using varied candid stories of speaking, signing, drawing, and dancing in light language. In so doing, she catapults readers into a world of galactic portals and dimensions where communication does not necessarily depend on reason, understanding, and context. Simultaneously, Perry plants readers into deep communication with the unknown world of infinite mystery while appealing to all the senses, both spiritual and physical. I conclude light language can lead to personal discovery and an entirely new human experience for many individuals.

S. L. Brannon Author of The Two Agreements: A Good News Story for Our Time

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