Monday, May 26, 2014

Replay for May Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Session

What a great discussion we had on Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Call this past Thursday! Ishtah, a special guest, joined me (Yvonne Perry) and my co-host, Cayce Shostak, to share about the awareness of cosmic soul release and how walk-ins are occurring as other lifetime aspects are integrating.

Ishtah assists those experiencing the flux of emotions that often accompany the rise of Kundalini energy and the opening of ancient gateways or portals within the body consciousness. Ishtah is bringing forth light language or cosmic language and the galactic codes to transport others through the space/time continuum and into the next step of the ascension project.

We talked about ways to deal with the energy or situations left behind by previous souls and how to understand what is happening as emotional energy is coming up to be cleared in order for the previous soul to move on or more fully integrate.

Ishtah and I spent three weeks together releasing souls from the grief and trauma attached to the current incarnation as well as the souls’ past lifetimes. Once souls are free, they go to Source and then quickly reincarnate—thus, the influx of walk-ins we are noticing this year.

Light language—or heart language—was explained as having the ability to speak to the mind, allowing it to embrace the new dynamics and peel away the old codes that once bound humans to Earth. Ishtah and Yvonne shared a blessing in heart language.

We also talked about the Greening-the-planet project.

To hear the replay, select May 22, 2014 at

There will be two light language play-shops this summer! One will be in Nashville June 20-21 and one in Golden, Colorado July 26, where you can learn about light language and experience activation of this wonderful ascension tool. For info about Nashville play-shop, see light language play-shops in Nashville.

For more information about the Colorado play-shop, see


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