Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Is Happening As We Ascend?

The cells of our bodies are being transformed and old programming is being released from our minds as divine programming (or codes) is installed, activated, or remembered. Similar to the way a computer that receives an upgrade or update to its operating system, there are sometimes a few minor glitches to be worked out right after the download. Some people feel a bit of confusion after these shifts. This is why it is so important to rest the body after receiving energy work. Doing so allows all the other systems in the body to slow down so the focus can be on accepting and integrating the new codes. It’s like closing the applications that are running in the background so the download can happen faster and without the computer freezing up. You may get several of these “tweaks” as each soul aspect is completed, cleared, or integrated.

I use light language more than English in my coaching and healing sessions. The purpose of light language is to move past the mental chaos that created the problem/karma in the first place. Therefore, I don’t always know on an intellectual level everything that is happening for my client. I do sense that part of what is occurring during my activation sessions is that the soul is being cleared of detrimental energy, returning to Source for a boost of light and love, and then reincarnating in the same body very quickly—sometimes within 24 hours. It’s like a mini death and rebirth without all the drama. While the soul makes that journey, it picks up fragmented pieces of itself, or other souls/aspects in the soul group, and brings them home to go through the same process so they can also integrate.

Once you are activated, the process of ascension is intensifies—one shift barely has time to settle before the next one begins. You make huge leaps and feel more whole, which allows the mind to relax and move out of its “need to know what is happening at all times” mode. Each time one of your soul fragments, are purified and joined into one cohesive unit, you complete that part of your personal ascension process. I’ve heard that there are 144,000 multidimensional soul aspects (or lifetimes) to be integrated and that the ascension process will continue until all of those parts are whole. If so, we are in for quite the journey!

The ascension and integration process gets easier as more of the higher self is seated in the physical body and the old distorted human programming is replaced with loving and divine programming. Clearing happens quicker as we surrender to the process and allow the highest and best to occur.

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