Friday, October 17, 2014

A New Way to Connect

This material about a new way to connect on a soul level is an excerpt from Yvonne Perry's book, Light Language Emerging ~ Activating Codes and Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit, which you will find at

For centuries, we have used brain-to-brain connection with one another through our logic and intellect. Template upgrades in recent decades have allowed us to move from a database of information previously accepted as truth to a place of “knowing from the heart” in a more loving and accepting way. We have been connecting heart to heart, and we feel the warmth of that connection. However, those upgrades left us with some gaps in communication that created confusion within our soul’s interface with our guidance team. Another upgrade was necessary for a resonant field to be created that allows us to communicate using our “heart-mind” and the wisdom of our highest expression of soul, which is now being housed more fully within the body. This recent upgrade or molecular restructuring has to do with our being able to sustain “form” while moving into higher dimensions and remaining a resident upon the planet. While multifaceted upgrades have been completed and are ready to positively affect humanity, the human body has not caught up with the process that will allow more awareness and higher aspects of the soul to be housed in the body. We need more resonance among humans in order to facilitate the shift into our light-body without chaos. One way this resonance can be achieved is through light language that connects us to the advanced intelligence of our higher selves and ascension guidance team.

In addition to upgrades within the molecular structure, the encoding within the DNA and cellular matrix has been given additional codes that allowed us to recognize telepathic exchanges within our group field. This caused many people to become extremely empathic over the past decade. Many are able to sense, and even experience, the thoughts, feelings, and energy of people, animals, plants, and non-bodied beings. This upgrade also activated light language in many people. Light language is the soul’s expression of its direct divine connection with Source. It can be written, spoken, sung, drawn, danced, and conveyed in many ways.

At first glance and experience, spoken light language sounds like gibberish, but upon closer observation, you will notice that often the person who is hearing it seems to recognize it. Some people have begun hearing a mysterious dialog or language forming in their thoughts. Whenever you hear light language in your mind it is important to open your mouth and give form to it, no matter how strange it might sound. You might do this in a private environment to begin with. The more you are willing to experience light language, the more “normal” it becomes and you might soon find that you, and others, recognize something that can’t be explained. This vibrational exchange is activating the cellular and DNA encoding from the upgrade and is assisting in the expression of our higher selves in the body as well as on the planet. More positive changes are coming and light language can help bring them online.

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