Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Temporary Blending or Place Holding

The body is a vehicle, temple, or dwelling place for a soul. You may loan your car, rent out your house, or have someone live in your home while you are away. You may hire someone to come in and clean your house while you rest. You may have had some remodeling done to your dwelling while you were still living in it. My husband and I did this when we gutted our kitchen in 2007. We were without a sink for two weeks of the seven-week project. Washing dishes in the bathtub was a trip with no luggage; however, the finished project was amazing and I still enjoy the results. Compare this remodeling example to what a short- or long-term soul braid might accomplish. A soul braid may result in a miraculous healing of the body from a terminal illness, or it may create a life shift that the embodied soul was not able to achieve.

Another reason for a temporary blending occurs when one soul wants to experience something on Earth and then agrees to walk out when that venture is complete. Later on, another soul may come and experience what it needs. A soul braid may also be another version of your own soul coming in to assist the planet with evolution.

Because the body’s main function is to serve as a vehicle for expressing the various individuations of Source energy, multiple walk-ins or soul braids may occur in one body during a lifetime. Remember: these events are always agreements made between soul aspects, even if those involved are not consciously aware of the negotiation.

There may be times when a more evolved soul or higher aspect of someone’s soul holds the body while the natal soul conducts a galactic mission or accomplishes a task in another realm. This is a temporary assignment. When the soul returns, the swap is again made, but the individual may not notice it as much because the body has become accustomed to the higher vibration of the marker soul, and is able to accommodate the natal soul’s frequency, which is higher than it was when it first left. Why is it higher? The soul is perfect and now that the second soul has cleared the body of many negative imprints, the natal soul can vibrate with less obstruction.

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