Monday, December 29, 2014

Soul Braids or Walk-Alongs

Souls are individuations of the Divine Cosmic Intelligence and are therefore multidimensional. It may be hard for some to fathom that humans have counterparts that exist in other planes and realms of consciousness where there is peaceful cooperation among all beings of light. In this century, we are seeing a lot of changes on Earth, as well as in our experience as humans. One of those changes is the incoming of multidimensional aspects of our souls. These are called “soul braids” or “walk-alongs” in which the energy of an additional soul joins the Earth mission but the original personality/soul does not leave. Instead, the two souls integrate. There may be name changes as a result. There are certainly physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. Sometimes companion souls move in and out of the body as needed. One will hold the body while the other takes care of matters in another dimension or level of vibrational consciousness, and then swap places or peacefully cohabitate and collaborate on a project for which both souls are needed.

There are times when an aspect of a soul will come to aid the embodied portion of the soul by offering special skills. I experienced this when writing Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. I was draped by a higher aspect of my soul from the eighth or ninth dimension. I felt this energy around me for twelve consecutive days and enjoyed a time of bliss like no other I had experienced prior. Even after the “high” left, I recognized an empowerment throughout the writing, editing, and publishing process. That aspect of my soul was integrated by the time the book was published.

During times of soul braiding, a person can become very intense and focused on accomplishing their divine purpose. To help facilitate this mission, they may exhibit healing abilities, keen psychic sensitivity (empathy), strong and accurate intuition, and other spiritual gifts.

Soul braids can be formed in any number of combinations. Sometimes a soul braid is an oversoul merge in which a higher aspect of the same soul will download into the body and become part of a life experience, either temporarily or lifelong. Before I knew what a soul braid was, I referred to this experience as a changing of my spirit guides. I seem to feel, sense, and hear my guidance differently when this occurs.

An oversoul is a future self or higher frequency (think of musical or vibrational octaves) that is purer in consciousness and free of the polarity that characterizes three-dimensional life on Earth. When someone is said to be living in the third dimension, it means they are operating from the lower three chakras and have no concept of their multi-dimensional aspects.

There are cases when two or more souls may share a body, or its electromagnetic field, for a season or a lifetime. Entities, which are both detrimental and beneficial soul aspects, can attach themselves to the body or aura of an incarnated soul. When a person is abused, a soul can fragment to allow other aspects of their personality to come in and help deal with the stress. Thus, it makes sense that dissociative experiences are part of a spiritual journey rather than a mental or emotional disorder.

When two or more enlightened or evolved souls share a body or auric space, there is the kind of cooperation, peace, and harmony that we humans experience when working on a project as a team of qualified professionals. By the same token, there are cases in which we see lower aspects of a soul attached to and influencing an embodied soul. We want to avoid this and free ourselves of the potential for this to occur. When we forgive others, we heal wounds and close the portals that allow such contamination. I believe this is why Jesus’s primary teachings were about forgiveness and love. These entity attachments are the kind he “cast out” of the people to whom he ministered. Like the Christ, we raise our vibration by focusing on joy and bliss and by recognizing our oneness with God and All That Is—even these lower aspects of our souls. When we “cast them out” we are actually integrating them or putting them into their proper perspective by not allowing them to rule and reign over our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Then, the higher avatar self takes the wheel and calls the shots.

In the new world level of consciousness, the personality (ego or duality) and all the holographic aspects of the soul are reunited, and all chakras are blended into one unified field or column of light. This is known as the zero-point field or the trinity form.

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