Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nervous System and Endocrine System During Ascension

There are two systems in our bodies that are affected, sometimes in a dramatic way, after a walk-in: the nervous system and the endocrine system. The endocrine system includes the third eye, pineal gland, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, and the organs/systems these govern. You may experience an expansion in your third eye, and suddenly be able to see everyone’s auras and life drama, which can be very disconcerting.

The light and energy that moves through the body during a walk-in event may cause the body’s nervous or endocrine system to be disrupted. You might experience dips in thyroid function, which means you might need thyroid support. If your thymus or immune system is affected, you could experience a low-grade fever, constant allergies, fatigue, a low level of energy, muscle and joint aches, digestive trouble, or other problems. Please do not ignore what is going on with your body. If you have these symptoms, find a naturopath in your area, and get help. To find a naturopath in your area, see

The human nervous system has two major components: the Peripheral Nervous System and the Central Nervous System. Within the Peripheral Nervous System is the Autonomic Nervous System that is responsible for several involuntarily functions such as metabolism, heart rate, breathing, and digestion. So, if your nerves are experiencing energy overload, you may not be able to digest the foods that you used to eat. Animal protein or dairy maybe too heavy. Your energy may burn out quickly, and as a result, you end up craving carbs and sugary foods that raise your blood sugar and energy level. However, if you keep eating all of these inflammatory and acidic foods while unable to process them, the yeast overgrowth they create may eventually perforate the intestines and cause leaky gut syndrome. The idea is to eat lightly and stay away from sugars and addictive foods such as alcohol and caffeine that tax the nervous system. Some walk-ins find it helpful to avoid gluten and eat organic and plant-based diets that are easily digested while keeping the body grounded and providing energy.

Your body may need energy work or chiropractic adjustments. Walking, or low-impact exercise such as swimming or yoga, can help to keep energy moving and clear the lymphatic system. Yoga also helps connect the mind and spirit with the body. Feel free to discuss your journey in WE International’s support group at

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