Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finding Community with Walk-in Souls

In my interaction with other walk-ins most mention that they experienced a profound change and can reference an event or period of time in their lives when they began to feel different. Yet, many cannot explain it to themselves, much less try to relate the experience to others. Most do not have friends with whom they can share this strange event. Therefore, there is a need to establish a connection with like-minded people who can support those who are on walk-in assignments. Thankfully, this is easier today because we have social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo groups, and that allow us to come together in ways that were impossible a few decades ago.

We welcome your comments about how your life changed as a result of merging higher frequencies of consciousness into your physical body. By participating in our monthly conference calls, you may come into a deeper understanding of the nature of your own divine essence and soul's purpose.

Through diligent practice, many ancient mystics have penetrated and transcended the veil of 3-D illusion and found inner sanctum. But, those mystics stayed in their monasteries and convents rather than going back into the marketplace to impart this knowledge to the general population. As walk-ins, we are out there in the marketplace sharing the message of oneness and wholeness. Invariably, we walk-ins find and recognize each other. Our guidance might say, “Why not go to this meeting?” or “Why not email or call so and so?” or “Share your story with this group of people.”

Walk-ins come from a different reality. The walk-in soul is keenly focused on the work it has come to do. Living authentically is very important; therefore, the masks and walls many humans live behind simply do not serve the goals of the walk-in soul. Part of the work that allows you to begin your mission requires letting go of anything that is not serving your authentic self. Otherwise, you may feel stuck indefinitely and never start enjoying the mission that you came here to accomplish. The best way to resolve the previous soul’s contracts and energy imprint is through spiritual purification practices such as meditation and prayer in which you surrender to the higher plan for your life. I offer shamanic healing journeys to help you collect all the soul fragments and cross them over. My clients report that this clearing, gathering, and reassembling brings a greater calm and peace than they have ever experienced. See for details.

Your attitude reflects your self-worth, which is molded by the beliefs you have about yourself. The statement, “You are God,” upsets a lot of people and many might think you are crazy for saying that. But if we are all connected to and part of the Oneness of the I Am Presence or Source, then we are God. We are mini versions (individuations) of the Divine. Most have not lived as such because they have not believed it is possible. People are becoming more sensitive and psychic, but some do not know what to do with these gifts. I encourage you to joyfully use whatever gifts you have, and know that you are supported on your evolutionary path. Not all of our soul energy can be housed or held in our body as it is configured right now. If we tried to embody all of our soul essence right now, it might severely damage or kill the body. That is why the ascension is a process of restructuring the body and its DNA to contain more light. Be gentle with yourself and allow each day to unfold the beauty that it holds for you personally.

If you have not yet done so, I expect you will soon start to experience the reality of living as a multi-dimensional being. As old patterns and programs are dismantled and higher octave frequencies are embodied, you will begin to have longer periods of bliss and feel the energy of radiant light flowing throughout your body. Now that you are shifting your attitude and response to a more positive vibration, you will not lose focus or get distracted when something upsetting comes along. Living more in the now moment, your emotions will become more stable. Your relationships and business practices will change as you learn to create in higher dimensions. Your prayers and affirmations will begin to manifest more quickly on Earth. Like the saying goes, “As above, so below.” It is my prayer that we all flow effortlessly in a stream of ease and well-being as we come to live in unity consciousness.

I would say to all of those who have walked in, “Welcome to Earth. Do your best to stay grounded and not be affected by other people’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Create a strong personal 18-inch space, do not give away your power, do not absorb energies from others, or take on the chaos of the world. Find your bliss, and do your best to stay in your body. Do not be concerned about what others think. It does not matter if they call you crazy, strange, or weird. Those are just words. What counts is what you know to be true about your multidimensional self. No matter what things look like on the physical plane, know that you are deeply and unconditionally loved by God, Mother Earth, the angels, ascended masters, spirit helpers, galactic beings, and all of creation. I encourage you to set aside fifteen to thirty minutes each day to meditate and hold the thought and feeling that you are loved, supported, and making it just fine in your role on Earth. When you are happy, you are fulfilling your mission.”

It is time to come together as one to unify, harmonize, balance, and love one another as we usher in a new Earth. It is time to join hands and create the loving planet we have all dreamed of. This is the shift in consciousness we have talked about and have been preparing for. So, do everything you can to raise your vibration and prepare your physical body to house the new being you are. You no longer have a need for the illnesses you once had or the programming that once ruled your life. We are not the same people we were before. It’s time for us to come together and support each other in raising our own personal energy frequencies. Don’t be surprised if the people you once hung out with can no longer support you on your mission. As you let go of those relationships, new friends will come along as you reach out to the spiritual community online or in your local area.

It is only natural for people struggling with personal challenges to wonder if they have experienced a walk-in. I invite you to go within and find your own answers that help you explain your life and soul's path. Everyone’s core mission is the same: to be unconditional love in motion by living from a compassionate heart.

Regardless of how or when you arrived, I honor your courage to be a spirit on Earth having a human experience during this time of ascension. I pray that those who are about to walk into a mature body have a successful, gentle integration. I pray that those who have been here awhile will witness greater joy in carrying out their mission. I am here as a coach to help you enrich your journey, find your truth, and live on purpose as you strengthen your alignment to the highest aspects of your multidimensional soul.

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