Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Are There So Many Walk-ins on Earth Now?

There are millions of walk-in souls on earth now, many are here for the first time. They are coming from higher dimensions or realms of consciousness to help humanity ascend, which above all things means to vibrate compassion and love to such a degree that we hold no judgment toward self, others, or situations--in other words, we observe and respond with something like "it is what it is" then let it go. To ascend also involves raising the dense human form into a light body that can travel inter-dimensionally (the the soul is already able to do that).

The souls in most human bodies prior to the early 1980s were primarily human, which means the 12-strand DNA was disconnected and scattered and only 2 strands were left operable--just enough to survive and do what they were told by the "powers that be". There has been a battle for control of this planet for eons. The alien races who disconnected the human DNA have their representatives in "authority" positions in power systems such as government, business, church, medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture (GMOs), and "old money" families.

The walk-ins are a collective of peaceful races who do not want to see the Earth destroyed, mainly due to the far-reaching cosmic repercussions it would create. When a human soul is ready to leave and the body is still viable, a walk-in may step in to carry on with the life in progress and discreetly bring in the codes they have been given.

Most walk-ins have ancient knowledge to share. We don't necessarily need to know what this knowledge is in order to share it. We "vibrate" it by just being on Earth in a human body. We are releasing/distributing galactic or geometric codes to humans who are starting to wake up. This is creating a collective shift for the entire planet. So we really don't need a grand "mission" as a healer or some spiritual service in order to do our work. Any day job that allows the walk-in to provide income is a calling in and of itself. These codes need to be distributed in ordinary places, not just to those who are spiritually aware.

I have written a book about walk-ins (Walk-ins Among Us) and a book about the languages of light or star languages that many of the walk-ins are now speaking/vibrating in order to download, activate, and distribute these codes to humanity. The books are available on and on my website:

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